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B2B Lead Generation is very important for your business. Not every business can afford leads generated from Paid ads. is the most effective lead generation tool.

With you can generate high-quality b2b leads in seconds. You can find verified emails of any key decision-makers (Founders, CEO, Director, etc).

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Intro to B2B Lead Generation Tool

Hey guys, welcome to the Digiliterate YouTube channel and in this video, I’ll be talking about software or application called

It is a lead generation tool by using which you can find verified emails of key decision-makers like founders and CEOs and managers etc. So this is going to be a short overview of how you can find the emails and some basic features that you can use. is a tool where you can send mass emails, send email sequences and do the analysis of the data. But in this particular video, I’ll be talking only about how you can find the email addresses.

So let’s talk about the pricing first. Now as you can see, in the free plan you get 50 credits. And if you choose the basic plan at $9 you get 200 emails per month. If you choose the professional plan that is $19, you get unlimited email credits and 50 mobile numbers you can find of the people. And there are some other things like, you can do the A/B testing, they give a dialer with some free minutes that you can use to call the numbers that you find from Apollo.

If you want a custom plan then you can talk to their sales team. Now basically there are unlimited email credits, but they are not truly unlimited. They are limited to 10,000 emails you can find in this plan. And I think they are enough if you use them wisely.

Now talking about the pricing, now this is the lowest pricing generally the price is at a bit higher. Generally this $19 is sold at $49. But if you can get this at this price then I think that’s a steal.

You can subscribe to the annual plans in annual plans you will be paying only $15 per month for 10,000 emails. Now that is a really good deal right. So if can get this just grab it.

So now let’s talk about the software. Let me log into my account, once I log in, I will directly take you to the part where you can find the emails.

Now, this is the search bar there are two types of things you can find here. If you want the company data, then you can go to the company and If you want data of people like their email address then you can go to the People section.

Now there are other sections like engage, enrich, so you can find the emails, then you can send the emails and then you can send the emails to your CRM system, do the data analysis, and all that stuff. So this is not the video I’m gonna talk.

How the B2B Lead Generation Tool Works

In this video, I’ll just talk about how you can find the emails, now let’s go to this section of people. And you see this is the section.

On the left-hand side, there is a bar with different filters so you can target your audience right. So, suppose you have a different audience like if you want to find founders of a startup suppose. Now, you can see that has given you 1.2 million founder’s data. You don’t need that much right? you want to target a specific audience. So you can use these filters.

So there are different filters you can use if you want to find founders with an organization where only one to ten employees are there. So you can use this. If you want to find founders working in an organization with up to 20 employees then you can use this.

I will just target one to ten employees. Now if you want to find the industry right if you want to find computer software industry founders. Just choose this depending on the industry that you want to target.

Now if you want to find a specific revenue, if you want the organization to have only 1 million revenue annually, you can choose those organizations only. So you can do that. Now there are other like if you want to find startups with specific fundings, like if they are in their seed stage, or in their angel’s stage, so there are different startups and their funding stages. So you can target that also.

There are other filters, too. Let’s see what are those. Now, if you want to find the founding date, right? if you want a new startup suppose, so if you want to find a company that is recently launched, suppose you want to find a company that is launched in 2021. So you can just type in that. So you’ll get all those companies that are established or founded in 2021, 2022, and so on, right? So you can use this option if you want.

Talking about other options, they are not that important. So the other options are important when you’re sending emails. So we’re not covering that right now.

Now, this is very important. Another thing is email status, email status is verified, guess, no email, pending, bound. So what are those? So basically, all these emails on this platform are not 100% accurate, right? So the software is categorizing these emails into different things depending on their ability to verify the email. So you always want emails that are 100% verified, because if you choose them and send mass emails, you don’t want much bounce rate right?

Now, the guess emails are those that the software is not 100% Sure. So you can send those emails, but the chances of getting it to bounce are much higher. Now, there is no email, so if the software could not find the email. Now pending manual verification means the software is yet to do the verification process on this.

Bounce are those that will get bounced. So you should not send these emails. So always choose verified. Now again, even if it was verified, the email that you get, although they’re very much accurate, they’re again 80% to 90% accurate, but there will be some 5% to 10% emails that will get bounced.

So the solution to this is, go to the And they have a free email verification tool. So use the third-party tool to verify the emails that you get from this platform, and then send the mass emails so that is how you can work upon right.

Now you can apply the filter here. Now you will see there are three sections; total, net new, and saved. Total are all the emails that the software has given to you. Net new means all the emails that you have not previously discovered and the saved is previously have viewed this emails, right. And you have saved them in your system.

So net new is the one that is very new and you have not saved them in your account previously. So all you have to do is select the emails that you want to find. So on one page only you can find 25 emails at a time. So suppose you don’t have a customized plan.

So this is the limitation. So at a time, you can just mass select 25 emails, so they have selected these 25 emails, now all you have to do is click on Save. Now, this is all the email section if you want to create a list, suppose you want to create a list with founders right? You can create a list with founders.

Just confirm right? just click on Confirm. And you can see they have finished adding this prospect. So we’re able to find the emails of all these prospects. Now all these emails will go into the saved section. Now you can see there are only 25, Now 10 emails now once they click on it, you can see it is 35 Right. So all 25 emails are now in the system. Now, this is the way you find the emails here.

So these emails let me move this one. So these are the emails that you have not found. So this is the section, right? So 35 emails you have found right now.

Now, how do you export them? Now before that, let me talk about one important thing is the columns right, so these are different columns that the software gives you. You can, you know customize them according to you.

You can change the view, table view you can do or you can do the list view, depending on your preference, you can also import contacts, right. So suppose you have a list of contacts that you want to import into the system and use this Apollo to send those contacts, emails. So you can do that using this option.

Now table column setting. So this is very important because this, this view, you’re not seeing everything here, right. So now that you don’t want, you might not want to see parent accounts. Or you want might want to import some other tables here. So you can do that with the help of these table column settings.

So you can see all those different data they have. But here Visible Columns does not have all this data, right. So you can just suppose I want account engagement. So I just added this into my table view, right. Suppose I don’t want a parent account, so I will just delete it from here. So I don’t want that view into my tables. So just delete that.

If you want new things from here, company city, you can just import it and it will show it to you here. You just click save. Now you can see the parent account is gone. But the company city now becomes visible. So this is the customization of the table view.

Now let’s talk about exports. So suppose you found the 35 contacts now. So now you want to export it to the Excel sheet right? So all you do is just click now there is no limit, right? If you have all the if you’re here 1000 contacts, then you can just import-export all of them at one go. So there is no limit, but when finding the contents, you can just find 25 contacts at a time. And so you have to move like that way right?

First 25 then 25 But once your contact is saved, then you can just type in like if I wanted to export all the 35 contacts I will just type 35 and apply as selection right? Now what we’ll do is select all these 35 contacts now obviously I want to not email but if you want to email you can email but I just want to export it so I’ll just click on Export and we can export guessed emails but here once you choose here verified then you don’t have to worry you only get verified emails.

So all you have to do is click on Start export so now your file is ready so just download it now. Let me show what the file outcome looks like in my Excel sheet. The first name, last name, the titles I can see the emails of the people that I got. These are all verified emails and all other details that you can get in the Excel sheet right? So that’s how the lead generation or contact finding works right.

So I hope you got the overview, basic overview of how this software works. If you have any doubts do comment below. Now you can also find company details right? suppose you want to find company names, you do not want to get the emails but you are going to get company details right? suppose you want to find his organization with up to 10 employees, you want to find out organization in the computer software industry, you want to find an organization with less than 1 million revenue.

Yeah, the title is not relevant here because we are just going to get company details. So you can just select those things. Now another thing that they have is the Chrome extension. So with this chrome extension, what you can do is find email addresses from LinkedIn accounts and also you can find email addresses from any website. So that is a very useful tool.

Let’s try using this tool. Suppose I want to find the email address of some random person, suppose let’s see. Obviously, you will not find the email addresses of every person but most of them you will find out. So as you can see, I found this email address Ritesh Singh and the email address is verified. So this is what the extension does.

You get the email address from your LinkedIn account, or from any random website, you get their phone number, you get all the details of the company they’re working in. And inside, you can see the technology the company is using, if they’re hiring, if they are receiving any funding, and we’ll see all the employees of this company right.

So, this is a very useful tool again. And this tool you can also use with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, suppose you have a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account and you are using their filters there. These filters are similar to

Again, you can filter by location, industry, company headcount, job titles, etc. Suppose you have this tool. So suppose you got this list of contacts, and you want to save them in your Apollo system and want to find their email addresses. All you have to do is click on this and just need to click on this and click here save. You can see all the contacts from your LinkedIn Sales Navigator are now saved in your Apollo right.

So you can do this, you can just have to go to the next page now. And the contacts that you want to find, select those contacts, click on here, save those contacts. They get saved now you can use those contacts in Apollo.

You can view those contacts in your Apollo system. Now it’s taking some time, but it will open. So as you can see, all those saved contacts are now saved like we saved 25 contacts from LinkedIn. So all these contacts you can see. Now obviously, not all emails will be verified. So make sure you only filter those emails that are verified, you can do that.

Using this verification option you can click here email status, you just want email verified. So this is our site. If you just want verified emails, just click on verified emails. And it will only show you now all the verified emails and you can export them to your system. So that’s about it. That’s the basic overview.


This is not an in-depth tutorial of how to generate leads and you can also send emails and other features that have. Today I just discussed this lead generation or email finding tools. I think this is the number one or number two tool in the market right now. It is very cost-friendly. In $19 you are getting 10,000 emails so it is very good. So I definitely recommend this tool.

And if you want more such videos then subscribe to my YouTube channel. I talk about Saas, online money-making videos, and internet marketing as a whole. So do subscribe to my YouTube channel and it motivates me. See you in my next video.

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