Dell Inspiron 15 5593 review: Truly amazing all-rounder laptop

Today I will be reviewing a laptop that is a part of the Dell Inspiron 5000 series. I have with me the Dell Inspiron 5593 i5 10th Generation laptop.

I am a Digital marketer and a blogger having my own laptop specification requirements. After doing extensive research I found this laptop to be meeting all of my needs.

I wanted an above-average laptop that is capable of doing all day to day tasks (Including light gaming and heavy application usage)

Dell Inspiron 5593 has the following 3 versions available on Amazon India.

Note: The products are from the Amazon India website and the specifications and price for other countries will vary. 

1) Dell Inspiron i7 5593 10th Generation: It comes with 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD+512GB SSD, and 4GB NVIDIA MX230 GDDR5

Link to the Product: Click Here

2) Dell Inspiron i5 5593 10th Generation: It comes with 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD+512GB SSD, and 2GB NVIDIA MX230 GDDR5

Link to the Product: Click Here

3) Dell Inspiron i5 5593 10th Generation: It comes with 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, and 2GB NVIDIA MX230 GDDR5

Link to the Product: Click Here

I am using the #3 Dell Laptop and my review will be dedicated to it. 

Honest In-depth Dell Inspiron 15 5593 Review:

  1. Dell Inspiron 5593 battery Life: Around 3 to 4 hours is what I am getting when I am doing casual work such as watching online videos, typing and surfing the Internet. For using heavy applications and playing games you can expect around 2 hours of battery life. It’s a 10th Gen laptop and thus it is highly optimized to give more battery life.
  1. Speakers: They are loud enough and are above average but if you are in some noisy place then you might want to use your headphones to listen to the audio clearly. Speakers are placed at the bottom and will work properly on a flat surface. 
  1. Built Quality: If you are not a Mac user then you should not have any issue with it. The laptop does not feel cheap in hands and gives a premium feel. It is not fully plastic and Dell does live up to the expectations.
  1. Display: The 15.6-inch screen looks great. Dell is not famous for building aesthetically pleasing displays and here you will see some thick bezels around the screen. It is not a big problem and once you get used to it, you will not feel any difference or awkwardness. It is a Full HD screen with graphics above average. The brightness is good enough and you won’t face any problem working outdoors.
  1. Keyboard and Touchpad Mouse: It is a backlit keyboard that helps you to work in darkness. The keyboard is good enough for fast typing. The touchpad is placed more on the left side and it may take some time to get used to it. I ordered a Dell wireless mouse to navigate faster. 

Dell Inspiron i5 5593 10th Generation video review:

YouTube video


  1. Solid built quality and lightweight
  2. Very fast processor for handling day to day tasks including occasional gaming and heaving applications
  3. No serious heating issues unlike other Dell Inspiron laptops


  1. Average battery life (Should not be an issue for non-gamers)
  2. Speakers are not placed on the front side (Should not be an issue If the laptop is kept on a flat surface)
  3. The touchpad could have been more accurate. (I recommend using a wireless mouse but the touchpad is not bad as well)


Dell is a trustable brand and its customer service is top-notch. This particular laptop has everything that a non-gamer will want to get things done faster. If you are a person who is confused about which laptop to buy considering hundreds of options that are available in the market then this is the laptop for you. Keep in mind, this is not a gaming laptop but has the capacity to run heavy applications smoothly. 

You can make a purchase from the link given in the above table, It is an affiliate link that will help me get some commission. (I will truly appreciate it 😊)

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