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In the world of B2B lead generation, having the right data is like striking gold.

Picture this: A tool that not only scrapes LinkedIn Sales Navigator for free but also adds rich details to your leads, including profile info, company data, and verified email IDs. It’s not a fantasy—it’s real, and it’s called Scrupp.

In this article, we’re taking a deep dive into the amazing world of Scrupp. No more data limitations, no more hassles—just a cost-effective solution to supercharge your LinkedIn prospecting.

Get ready to uncover how Scrupp can transform your approach to finding leads on LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

What is LinkedIn sales navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a specialized tool designed exclusively for sales professionals and businesses looking to unlock the full potential of LinkedIn. It’s like LinkedIn’s turbocharged cousin, built to supercharge your prospecting game.

Let’s break it down with an example: Imagine you’re in the real estate business, and you’re on the hunt for potential homebuyers or sellers. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is your compass in this scenario, helping you pinpoint individuals who match your criteria, such as location, job title, and industry.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s Lead UI Below

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator isn’t just about individual profiles; it’s your gateway to valuable company data. It’s like having an insider’s view into businesses. You can find details like company size, industry, location, and recent updates—essential for targeting the right companies.

Moreover, you can see who’s online in real-time. Think of it as knowing when to approach someone at a networking event. This feature helps you time your InMails (private messages) for maximum impact, increasing your chances of connecting with decision-makers.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s Company UI Below

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Company

What is Scrupp?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a goldmine of potential leads and valuable business connections. However, it has a limitation—it doesn’t allow you to export data for your prospecting needs. That’s where Scrupp swoops in to save the day.

Scrupp is your ultimate solution for unlocking LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s full potential. It’s like the key that opens the door to a treasure trove of leads and company information.

With Scrupp, you can scrape and extract valuable data, including profile details and company information, that Sales Navigator won’t let you export.

But Scrupp doesn’t stop there. It goes the extra mile by finding verified email addresses, transforming your leads into actionable contacts. It’s like having a magic wand that turns possibilities into connections.

How to Scrape linkedIn data using Scrupp?

Step 1: Account Setup

Creating an account is the first step, make sure you have a subscription to linkedIn sales navigator and are using a chrome browser.

Step 2: Click on ”Extract contacts from Sales Navigator”

Scrupp Dashboard

Step 3: Apply LinkedIn Sales Navigator Filters

Based on your target audience, use LinkedIn sales navigator advance filters and apply them. You will also see a text of ”Scrupp Export” if you have installed the chrome extension in step one.

See Image below

scrupp filters

Step 4: Exporting data using Scrupp

Once you are ready, click on the ”Scrupp Export” button and then you will see the below Interface.


From here, You need to give a name to file that will be exported by the Scrupp, choose how much data you want to scrape in one launch and from which page of linkedIn sales navigator, the scrupp should start scraping the data.

If you also want email ids of the profile that you are scraping then you can check mark the ”Launch emails enrichment after scraping” option.

That’s it.

Click on ”Run Export

Step 5: Exporting the files

Once your file is ready, you can export the list in CSV or XLSX file format.

scrupp final

Check the sample output file: LinkedIn Data

Note: You get 1000 free credits to use linkedIn sales navigator scraper.

Conclusion: Unleash Your Sales Potential with Scrupp

In the world of sales and lead generation, time is precious, and data is power. With Scrupp by your side, you’ve uncovered the secret to unlocking LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s full potential.

You’ve learned how to effortlessly scrape valuable data and even uncover verified email addresses.

Now, armed with these insights, you’re ready to supercharge your prospecting efforts, expand your reach, and turn possibilities into connections. So, what are you waiting for?

Dive into the world of Scrupp, and let your sales journey flourish like never before. Your future leads and clients are just a click away. Get started today!

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