Best resources to learn digital marketing in 2021

In this blog, I am going to walk you through some of the best digital marketing resources that are available on the Internet right now.

After reading this blog you won’t be asking the question such as “where to start learning about digital marketing” or “Best place to learn digital marketing online” Let’s get started.

1) MOZ

Moz is a Digital marketing company that helps businesses grow their online presence. But make no mistake they have some best in class Digital marketing articles and videos which are simplistic and effective.

  • If you are a beginner in SEO then The Beginner’s Guide to SEO is for you. It consists of 7 chapters, It will be a good head start for learning more advanced SEO.
  • If you enjoy watching video series then a One hour guide to SEO is for you. The 6 Part series covers SEO Strategy, Keyword Research, Searcher Satisfaction, On-page Optimization, and Technical SEO Link Building.
  • Still did not get enough with SEO and want something more? Moz Academy is something you should look into. It as 19 paid courses

2) Ahrefs

They beat all their competitors when it comes to providing tools for analyzing the website for SEO and ranking it. You can try their 7 Days trial for 7$ and see the power of the tool yourself.

  • If you do not own a website and are just getting started or want to brush up your concepts they have theis blog that covers most of the digital marketing topics which Include, Affiliate marketing, Social media marketing, SEO, PPC, and Content marketing.
  • Do you own any business and do not know how to blog? Blogging for business It covers all important topics for you to get started in the right direction.

3) Hubspot

  • Blog: Like all other previous resources that we saw, they also have a bunch of blogs full of useful information. They are short, to the point and easy to understand.
  • Ebook, Guides & More: Social Media Content Calendar Template, The Complete A/B Testing Kit, On-Page SEO Template and much more useful pdfs and templates are waiting for you in this section.
  • Courses & Certifications: 50 plus free internet marketing training videos and certificates do I need to say more? They are quality courses that will take your online marketing journey to the next level.

4) Google Courses

One of the best places to learn digital marketing is “A Grow with Google PROGRAMME” a digital initiative by google. With over 126 free courses and market recognized certificates why would you go anywhere else?

5) Neil Patel

Online marketing resources without this man is incomplete. His free tool which recently became paid called Ubersuggest is very famous among blog owners. He creates some amazing content in the form of Podcasts and youtube videos.

6) Quicksprout

Quick Sprout was started by Neil Patel in early 2008, today the website is handled by a small group of entrepreneurs with the current CEO being Lars Lofgren. If you want an “All in one” site for learning digital marketing then Quick sprout is the way to go.

7) ShoutMeLoud

Handled by Harsh Agrawal, His blog gets millions of visitors every month. His entire blog is full of digital marketing resources, He writes technical stuff in easy to understand language which suits every new online marketer.

8) Semrush

Semrush offers an All-in-one Marketing Toolkit for digital marketing professionals, Similar to Moz and Ahref their tool helps you with search engine optimization and getting more web traffic.

They have webinars, podcasts, blogs and Ebooks that will help you in learning the basics of digital marketing.

9) Search Engine Land

Another unique digital marketing resource for online marketers. The website can be a bit overwhelming at the beginning If you are not used to it. In their resources section, they offer an SEO periodic table with each element signifying the important action you should be taking.

This is just one small drop in the ocean, They have plenty of other things to offer including the latest tech news.

10) Youtube

After google, the highest number of searches that took place is on youtube. 100’s of expert digital marketers have uploaded useful videos related to digital marketing. All you need to do is search a keyword for example: “free digital marketing courses” or “how to do digital marketing” and you will get what you are looking for. You will need to organize everything and find quality stuff but its absolutely worth it.

What other online resources are you using to learn digital marketing? Comment down below.

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