Scrape LinkedIn Profile data | Unlimited & No coding

Do you think that ”To scrape LinkedIn profile” requires coding and tech knowledge? You are not alone. I was thinking the same until I found this tool.

I took one of my client’s projects where he wanted me to scrape 100k profile data from over 20 Investment banking firms.

It was a huge task in itself and a big challenge for me. I did not have any coding knowledge or know how to install python. I had to rely on the automated tools that were available on the Internet.

My clients had certain requirements and thus it made this task even more difficult.

He wanted not just the current data from the LinkedIn profile, For Example, Current Education and Experience details. He wanted Past and Present Education and Experience details of the person.

I tried many software and chrome extensions Including Phantombuster but none of them gave results that satisfied my clients expectations.

After a lot of frustration and Internet research, I landed with a tool that solved my problem and I was able to scrape 100k of data in a span of 30 Days that makes it around 3400 LinkedIn profile data per day.

Tools required to scrape LinkedIn sales navigator data.

1) LinkedIn Sales Navigator account:

It is one of the Important tools for scraping LinkedIn profile data, If you do not know much about what is a LinkedIn sales Navigator account and how to operate it, I would recommend watching some youtube videos but It is not that difficult for a person who can read and understand this article.

They offer 30 days of free trial accounts which you need to sign up for. (Enough for small data scraping projects)

2) An account on LinkedIn sales Navigator scraping website

  • Download extension of the above tool, For Chrome browser: Click Me

Steps to get the LinkedIn sales navigator account:

  • Click on ‘’Start Premium Free trial’’
Scrape LinkedIn Profile Data
  • Click on ‘’To find leads more effectively’’
LinkedIn Sales Navigator Sales Leads
  • Click on ‘’Sales Navigator Professional” and “Premium Free trial’’
Sales Navigator Professional Plan
  • Add your card details and select a monthly plan.
Sales Navigator Professional Plan

That’s all we need to get started with our scraping related work.

Watch video tutorial on how to use the above tools and scrape LinkedIn data

YouTube video

Sample file of LinkedIn profile Data that I scraped using the tool: Click Me

As you can see that the data scraped is highly accurate and you don’t even need to use any coding language.

Note: LinkedIn is implementing more strict rules when it comes to scraping LinkedIn data. Presently you can scrape up to 1000 profile data per day.

You can also use multiple LinkedIn accounts of your team members and scrape more profile data per day.

Do you have any questions or have any concerns ? Feel free to comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1) How to scrape large volume of LinkedIn data in short span of time ?

For that you will need to create multiple LinkedIn profiles and create multiple free trial accounts on

2) Can I hire you to scrape large LinkedIn profile data ?

Yes, I have the system in place which allows me to scrape large volume of linkedIn data. Reach out to me by filling the contact us form.

3) Is there any other alternative to the mentioned tool ?

Yes, Phantombuster is one of the highly reliabe tool for scraping LinkedIn data but you will not all data from LinkedIn profile. (Only current education and experience details)

4) Do they have any inbuilt PC application ?

No, They offer only chrome extension for now and In future it might change.

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