Free Bulk Email Verification Tool for 2022 (Free Forever)

Are you looking for a free bulk email verification tool with no hidden charges & 100% Accurate? You are at the right place.

I am disclosing an email validation tool that helped me verify 1000s of emails for free.

Why do you need an Email Verification Tool?

Running an Email marketing campaign is not easy.

You need to set up a private email, build an email list, write a marketing copy, and hope that the person will read your email and take action. 

All of your above efforts are useless if you do not clean your email list.

Sending bulk emails without verifying them will increase bounce rate, affect your email reputation and land your emails in the spam folder.

The Solution? 

An Email Verification tool that removes Invalid and High-risk emails and gives you a clean email list.

Best Free Bulk Email Verification Tool

There are many email cleaning tools in the market but most of them are not 100% free.

They offer one-time free credits & After that, you will need to subscribe to their paid plans.

But is there any email verification tool that you can use for the long term and is free forever?

I had the same question until I found the Quick Email Verification” tool. 

It is a hidden gem that satisfies all of my email verification needs.

Quick Email Verification tool is:

  • Easy to Use: The Interface of the application is the best. A person with no tech knowledge can start using it in minutes.
  • Affordable: They provide 100 free credits per day with flexible plans that are not heavy on pockets.
  • Accurate: The verified emails are safe to send for almost zero bounce rate.
  • Integrate: You can easily use their API Keys to validate emails outside the platform.

For Example, You can verify all your emails inside the google sheet. Also, you can integrate the tool with other marketing apps like Hubspot.

3 Steps to verify your email list for FREE

  • Create your account on the Quick Email verification website (Use work email:
Free Bulk Email Verification
  • Make your file ready for verification (Keep the email list in the first column of the excel or google sheet)
Free Bulk Email Cleaning
  • Download the file in (CSV, TXT, XLS, XLSX or ODS format) & Upload the file.
Email Error Free

Voila! You got your emails verified for FREE.

Free Bulk Email Verification Tool

Video Guide on how to use the Quick Email Verification tool.

YouTube video

100 Free Email Verification Credits Per Day

Quick Email Verification Tool provides 100 free credits per day. It can be used to verify your emails.

To get the benefit of 100 free credits per day, you will need to sign up using your work email.

If you use the generic mail address you will need to buy the credits.

They have a flexible pricing structure, If 100 free credits per day are not enough and you need to verify more emails.

There are two types of credits you get.

  • Persistent Credits: They do not have any expiry date and are good for people who have one time email verification needs.
Free Email Credits
  • Per Day Credits: New Credits are made available daily and are good for people who have daily email verification needs

Integrating Quick Email Verification Tool with Third-Party Apps

They have collaborated with some popular CRMs and Marketing Apps like ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, MailChimp, MailerLite, SendinBlue, SendGrid, Zapier, and many others.

If you have a contact list available in any of the above Apps; All you have to do is Integrate them with Quick Email Verification Tool and get your email list cleaned.

You can learn more about the Integration process here.


The Quick Email Verification tool is currently the best email cleaning tool in the market. They provide you 100 free credits per day, have easy to use Interface and all of their plans are affordable.

If you are looking for a Free Email Verification Tool, Quick Email Verification is a must-try.

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