G2 Rewards: 25$ to 50$ Amazon Giftcards for Honest Review

In this article, I will share my experience with G2.com and how your honest opinion can get you G2 Rewards (Amazon and Visa Giftcards).

G2.com is a company where product founders can list their softwares. The software once listed can be reviewed by the customers like you.

The customer reviews on G2.com helps the software buyers choose the right product. 

I have left few honest reviews on G2.com and earned amazon and visa giftcards.

Video Tutorial Below

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G2 Rewards: Steps to get G2 Giftcards

  • For getting G2 Giftcard, Signup using LinkedIn account or a valid work email address (xyz@companydomain.com).
G2 Crowd Signup
  • Login >> Click on Upper right corner >> Software Use
G2 Crowd Software Use
  • Select the softwares that you use at your workplace & Click Next
G2 Crowd Products
  • Now review any one software (No Gift Card will be provided for first review)

After a few days you should receive an email from G2.com requesting you to leave a review for a gift card.

  • Click on the link provided in your email and leave a detailed review
G2 Rewards

Make sure to write an honest opinion about the software you use.

They will ask you to upload a screenshot of the software (Showing you logged in) for verification purposes.

Seat back and relax, You should get your gift card within 5 working days.

G2 Giftcard Tricks for more earning opportunities

G2 Crowd website provides only a limited number of Giftcard earning opportunities (Maximum of 5 to 10 Giftcards per user)

I discovered a trick to surpass this limit and earn more giftcards.

There are companies who are looking for people to review their product for the exchange of gift cards.

They don’t care how many reviews you have left on G2.com previously.

They are running a campaign where they want more customers to review their product and they pay for the opinion.

We will use google to find such opportunities. 

Type one of the following search queries in google search bar: 

  • review us on g2 for giftcard
  • review us on G2.com for giftcard

Once you type the above query in google search bar use below advance filters.

G2 Crowd Giftcard tricks

We are looking for latest results because the campaigns created by companies are for a limited time and they expire once they get enough people to review their product.

Now you need to skim through the search results and find companies that are looking for people to review their product in exchange of a Giftcard. (Example Below)

G2 Crowd 25$ Amazon Giftcard

As you can see above, I found ”one signal” is looking for people to review their product on G2.com for 25$ Amazon Giftcard.

This is just one example. There are many companies who are looking for people to review their products.

Types of Giftcards provided by G2

G2.com provides Amazon and Visa Giftcards. They also provide Starbucks Coupons

If you are living in the United States and get an Amazon.com giftcard you can order any item from Amazon.

For people living outside United States, G2 as now started providing Amazon Giftcards in their local currencies.

If you get Visa Giftcard, You can use it on any Ecommerce website.

How to Redeem Amazon Giftcards to Cash?

Check the reddit forum Gift Card Exchange. You can exchange your gift card for paypal balance. (Be aware of scammers and only deal with reputed reddit profiles)

I have exchanged Amazon giftcards for cash on the above forum many times.

Why G2.com Rejected my Review?

There are cases where reviews are rejected from G2.com.

Some common scenarios are: 

  • You gave the review of the software that you do not use. 
  • You crossed the limit of the allowed reviews. Generally G2.com allows 5 to 10 software reviews per person. 
  • Your review did not meet the quality standards.

Which other websites are similar to G2.com?

All the above websites have their own reward programs. They provide giftcards for honest software review.

How much I have earned from G2.com and Payment Proof:

Till now I have earned 100$+ by leaving honest software review.

G2 15$ Visa Giftcard


G2.com is a reliable website that pays for honest software reviews. They provide amazon and visa giftcards. We also discussed tricks that you can use to get more giftcard earning opportunities. I have shared a method for converting G2 giftcards for real cash.

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