Jobs: Earn upto 1500$/Month as a freelancer.

In this blog, I am going to share my personal experience of working with as an Independent contractor and how they helped me enhance my skills and earn dollars. is a company in the United States offering educational courses for students. They have over 4600 video courses covering STEM and other educational subjects.

Who can work for offers two types of jobs

i) Full Time ii) Remote position.

Full-time positions are available for people living in the United States and can work from the office located in California. 

Remote Positions are available in two categories:

For people living in the United States and For people living anywhere in the world. 

Since I live in INDIA, I was Interested in globally available remote positions.

What type of work is available on being in the educational sector have most of their jobs revolving around teaching. They also hire for marketing-related positions.

Some of the popular remote jobs available on are:

  1. Article Writing: You will need to write articles on educational subjects and career related topics. You are expected to have basic SEO related knowledge for writing articles that can rank on google. 
  1. Article Researcher: You will create article outlines such as headers, provide writers with user intent terms and phrases and help them write SEO friendly articles.
  1. Video creator: Based on your subject expertise, you can create step by step educational videos. For example: A video that shows how to solve a particular physics problem. 
  1. Content Reviewer: You will review the content created by other writers and give them feedback for grammar, accuracy and plagiarism. 
  1. Sales Development Representative: needs sales executives to sell their educational courses and that is exactly what you will be doing. You will be speaking with potential customers and educating them about the courses.
  1. Keyword Editor: I worked as a Keyword Editor on and I helped them select keywords which the writers will be using to re-write the already existing articles. This position is suitable for those who are aspiring to be in the field of digital marketing. 

New Job Openings are updated on You can track all of them here.

Personal Experience of working with

I work as an Independent contractor for remote companies. One day I stumbled open the job opening on The name of the role was ‘’Marketing Executive’’.

My primary job was to be a part of their Linkbuilding outreach campaign and help them vet websites that were suitable for getting the backlinks.

I was also responsible for getting the contact details of the person who has the authority of giving the backlinks.

Read here if you do not know what backlinks are.

They used the BuzzStream platform for outreach campaigns. 

The Job application was simple where I had to answer a few questions related to the job.

After a week I received the job offer from via Email.

I was offered a job offer at the rate of 7$/hour. (Not bad for a person living in INDIA)

The Onboarding process was easy, I had to sign an NDA and read company policies.

I was provided with all the documents with step-by-step Instructions useful for completing the job. paid me twice a month via Paypal. 

The nature of the job was on an hourly basis where I had to update my hours manually in their Content Management System (CMS).

I worked with them for around 4 months.

The good part of working with

  • I was able to work from the comfort of my home and earn a good monthly salary. 
  • All of my doubts were answered by the team.
  • The payment was timely with no delays.
  • There was a new learning opportunity for me in the Digital marketing field.

The bad part of working with

  • They can remove you from the project anytime without any warning or opportunity to explain yourself. 
  • Their main company policy seems to be of hiring and firing remote contractors. 
  • They do not let you work for the long term even if you follow all the rules and provide the quality work. 
  • The work availability depends on the projects and sufficient work may or may not be available.

Should you apply for a Job?

Yes, you should apply for their remote jobs if you have the required skill set.

I was earning anywhere between 1000$ to 1500$ on a monthly basis.

Once you get a job offer, make sure to read all their policies and job instructions. Always maintain good communication with their support staff.

As a contractor, do not rely completely on them and always have a backup option if they remove you from the project suddenly. 

Payment proof from

Conclusion: provides a great opportunity for Independent contractors. A good skill set based on the job opening is the only requirement to start working with Based on their policy of hiring and firing, It is always a good practice to keep a backup plan while working with

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