AttaPoll Review: Is AttaPoll legit or a scam?

In this blog, We will talk about AttaPoll Survey App and check if you can really make some money using it.

For the past month, I am using the AttaPoll app and have tested all its important features.

Let us do an In-depth AttaPoll Review.

What is AttaPoll App?

AttaPoll is a Paid survey App available for IoS and Android platforms. AttaPoll rewards survey participants with Gift Cards (Amazon and Flipkart) or Cash that can be withdrawn using Paypal.

How to use AttaPoll Survey App?

  • AttaPoll is a Mobile Application, Download using the below links

For IoS Users: Download

For Android Users: Download

  • Signup using your google account
  • Go to the settings and update your profile
  • Check if any survey is available for you to complete.
  • Once you reach the threshold amount of 3$ for paypal and 3.5$ for Gift Cards, You can withdraw the amount.

Video Review of AttaPoll App & Its Interface

YouTube video

Is AttaPoll a Legit Survey App?

I read forums like Reddit where the users have uploaded their payment proof. It is therefore a genuine app and makes the payment on time.

As compared to the other paid survey apps, they have a very low threshold of 3$. You can easily withdraw the amount using PayPal.

I have earned 1.37$ to date and I am yet to reach the threshold for completing the withdraw.

AttaPoll Review

How much can you earn using the AttaPoll Referral?

You can refer your friends to AttaPoll and earn 10% of their survey earnings with no upper limit.

For example: If your friend installs the app using your AttaPoll referral code and earns 20$, you will get 10% of their earnings, i.e 2$.

  • You can Invite them by using a referral link 


  • Share your unique AttaPoll referral code and ask them to enter that code after they sign up. (They should enter the code within 7 days of joining)

AttaPoll hacks that will increase your earnings

Go to ‘’Your Profile’’ page in the settings and answer all the available questions. It will make sure that you will get maximum available surveys.

AttaPoll Hack

In the Survey Settings, Select ‘’As many as possible’’ so that you have not limited yourself from getting surveys.

In the ‘’Maximum length’’ Select ‘’Any Length’’ so that more surveys come your way.

AttaPoll Hack

Atta Poll Survey frequency depends on many factors such as your location and the answer you provide in the profile section.

Why AttaPoll Disqualified me?

After using AttaPoll for one month I experienced that they have very high rejection rates. Out of 10 you may get 1 or 2 surveys that actually pays you.

So you need to keep taking as many surveys as you can.

To lower the disqualification you need to answer the questions honestly. They should match with the answers provided in the profile section.

They do offer 0.01 $ for each survey you take even if you get disqualified.

Is AttaPoll App worth your time?

Frankly speaking, It is not a high paying survey app. The high rejection rates makes it even worse.

Its an app that is nice to have in your mobile phone and take survey when you have free time. The 3$ threshold is easy to achieve and then you can easily withdraw the balance.

They have a referral system which I think provides you a good earning opportunity.

There are bloggers on the Internet talking about AttaPoll Hack for more surveys & earnings. You should stay away from them as none of them works and is illegal.


We did an Indepth review of AttaPoll where we covered all the features of the App. AttaPoll is a legit paid survey app and is not a scam. The potential of earning with AttaPoll is not very high but its a good App for trying surveys in your free time and getting paid.

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