Capterra Gift Cards: How I made 200$+ with software reviews

Capterra rewards you for writing an honest software review. I am using Capterra for the past 3 years and have earned more than 200$+ Capterra Gift Cards.

In this article, I share my experience of using capterra, what things have changed, and some tips that will set you in the right direction of earning gift cards.

What is Capterra?

As you know, software use has increased tremendously and everyone is now using at least one application for their business or day-to-day use.

Capterra is a platform where business owners and working professionals can choose the right products.

Vendors are able to list their products and consumers like you and me are able to leave our honest opinions. Capterra gets paid by vendors for helping them list their products.

To increase their overall presence, Capterra is always looking for people who can leave a software review on their website in exchange for an Amazon or Visa gift card.

How to make money with capterra?

  • Go to Capterra’s Signup page & create an account. (LinkedIn Recommended)
Capterra Gift Cards
  • Complete your Profile & Add the software that you use (Important)
Capterra earn money
  • Make sure to add the software you use, It will help you get an Invitation for paid software review.
Capterra Products
  • The last step will be to write a software review. (Your first review will be unpaid)
  • Capterra will verify that you are a genuine user and will send you paid software review invitations. (Like Below)
Capterra Gift Card Link

You will earn 50$ Amazon Gift cards for 10 software reviews.

That’s how you make money with Capterra.

How to write a review on capterra?

  • In step one, you need to provide professional details. These should match the details you provided in your profile.
  • In step two, you need to rate the software on certain parameters. You can skip the optional part.
  • In step three, you need to write a detailed product review (pros, cons and overall product experience)

That’s it. If you have given a review for a gift card, it will be arriving in two weeks.

Extra Earning Opportunities on Capterra

Capterra limits the number of reviews you can give. You can only write up to 10 reviews.

So If they are providing 10$ per review you can earn a maximum of 100$ for 10 product reviews.

Is there any way to find more gift card earning opportunities?

  • Check their facebook page, They often ask users to leave a paid software review.
  • Type specific keywords such as ”Capterra Gift Cards” ”Capterra $10 gift card” ”Capterra $20 gift card
  • Once you type in the above keyword in google, you’ll be shown a list of companies that are looking for a product review in exchange of a gift card.
  • Remember to use the advance google filter and check results less than one year. The companies are running limited time campaigns.

My Experience with Capterra & Payment proof

I first used capterra 3 years ago when I began my freelancing career. I found them on Reddit.

Over time things have changed, but they still pay gift cards for product reviews.

If you want a gift card, make sure you’re not overdoing things.

They only pay if they’ve invited you via email or if the companies are running a paid product review campaign.

Capterra Gift Cards

I received the above gift card and many other types of gift cards from Capterra that total more than $200.

How to redeem capterra gift cards?

Capterra provides you with two major gift cards.

Amazon & Virtual Visa Gift card

Capterra offers Amazon Gift cards that can be loaded in your amazon balance.

The Visa gift card can be used for e-commerce purchases.

There is also an option for trading your gift cards for your Paypal balance.

Reddit has a forum called ”Giftcard exchange” where you can trade your gift card for money.

Be aware of scammers & trade only with legit people.

Other websites thats pay for writing reviews

  1. G2 Crowd
  2. Trust Radius
  3. SourceForge
  4. Gartner
  5. Software Reviews


Capterra is a platform that offers gift cards in exchange for product reviews. They are a legitimate company that pays on time. I have covered all the important aspects and shared my 3 years of experience using Capterra.


What type of Gift Cards does Capterra offer?

Capterra offers Amazon Gift Cards, Visa Gift Cards and sometimes they offer Choice Card (gift cards from local brands depending on your country).

Does Capterra have a referral system?

They do not have a referral system for gift cards on their website.

Is Capterra a legit company?

Capterra was established in 1999. They have over 5,000 products listed on their website. The company is very much legit and is not a scam.

I gave a review on Capterra but wasn’t given a gift card?

They take up to two weeks to send you your gift card. Please note that your review may not have met their quality standards or you have exceeded the number of gift cards you can earn per user.

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