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In the world of AI, things are automating faster. With you can write natural-looking content at scale. You can use it to write Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Personal Blogs, or Sales Copy.

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Intro to AI writing tool

Hey guys, welcome to the Digiliterate YouTube channel and in this video, I will be revealing a tool called So as you all know that the use of artificial intelligence tools in the writing sector has increased tremendously.

So is one of the artificial intelligence tools that helps you write content at scale. So, if you are going to write sales copy, copy for ads, your blog post, product descriptions basically anything that involves writing, is for you.

The has 90 plus tools to take care of that.

Hey, guys, so now I am on my screen. This is what the dashboard of the looks like. So on the left-hand side, you can see all the tools that are available, they have over 90 plus tools.

So I am not going to be able to test all those tools, right. So depending on your choice, you can choose the tool that you like, I will show you some important tools now. And on the right-hand side, you will just create the project, right, so let’s start doing it.

How to use

Suppose I want to start using blog tools. So, suppose I want to write a blog conclusion. In the project title, you do not have to write anything actually, but if you want to write you can, but I will just skip.

So what is your blog topic? So let’s try to suppose my blog topic is lead generation, right? So I just typing it for the example. I’ll just type in what is blog about so my blog is about how to generate leads for the business.

So I’m just talking about a conclusion right. So, At the end of the blog, you write a conclusion right. So, that is and you can choose here the tone of your conclusion right. So, most of the time I choose friendly but depending on your blog, you can choose bold, relaxed, professional.

So right now I am choosing friendly and just click create a copy. The more detail that you give here, you know, you can see short input, so, you can give the input up to 1000 words right. So, I just write in more, How to generate b2b leads for business that helps to convert more customers. So, let’s try now.

So, as you can see below, this is what the AI tool generated the content for me. So, this is a very effective way to build your business. If you recognize the importance of how to generate leads, but somehow challenging these articles will teach you each so this is the conclusion that they have generated.

Now suppose you like one conclusion right suppose you like this, but if you want to create more like this right, so, all these conclusions that the AI tool generated are going to be of different types right.

So now you may not like all other types of conclusions but suppose you like this particular conclusion and want the AI tool to generate more similar types of conclusions for you. So you have more options to choose from, all you have to do is click on make more of this.

So what it will do is, below it will create a similar type of conclusion more and you just have to read it and if it is a good fit, then you can just copy from here and use it for your article.

So this is what all about. So this is all the blog ideas, blog intros, blog title. So if you just want to create a blog intro, I will just use this similar conclusion that I took and I’ll just create a copy.

If you have a new intro to write, you can just type in your over here. So it will automatically create a blog intro for me, so you can see, Finding business leads can be challenging for some. Companies may have the website great.. so yeah, so that’s how the AI tool basically works.

So keyword generator they have right. What topic are you posting about? Lead generation if I talk. But they do not have a proper keyword generator tool. If you are a blog writer, you know that Semrush and Ahref are some of the best keyword research tools.

You can see the tool has generated some keywords for me, that you can use in your blogs to get more traffic for your website. So now, let us try some other interesting tools. So one more interesting tool that I like is simplifying sentences. Simplify Sentence Feature

So if your English is not very good, and you are writing a blog, suppose you want that sentence to be made a little better in terms of English and sentence forming. So if you’re like me, who write a lot of passive sentences, and you want some active sentences then this tool I would definitely recommend.

So for this, giving you an example, I’m just going to take a sentence from my blog. So this is my website. So let’s take some live sentences. So let’s take this sentence ”Brands like Google, salesforce & headspace have worked with dscout for taking user opinion”.

So let’s just type on here, right, so I just want to rewrite this sentence now. So what I will do is, I will just choose here what type of language or tone I want. So I’ll just type in friendly. And I will just create. So you can see, what it does is, it simplifies the sentence.

So if you’re writing some lengthy sentences, unnecessary words you’re writing in your sentence that you do not need, then this is truly going to help you. As you can see, it simplifies the sentences, but it gives you many options to choose from.

So I like this tool, I use this a lot in my articles, so just recommend it. So there are other email marketing tools as well. So if you are sending mass emails and you want a catchy subject line, so you can use these tools. I just want to like just type in anything you want.

Again, we are talking about lead generation, so maybe I’m selling my lead generation service and sending mass emails to people. So I just type in like, Have you seen these lead generation tool that converts. So just type in and select friendly again, so it helps with the catchy subject line it gives you, just found the lead generation tool you have been looking for, let’s get this lead generation tool, you’re going to love this lead generation tool.

So, yeah, this is again a very useful feature in this. There are social media tools as well right. If you are into social media marketing, then you can use an Instagram captions generator, some hooks, and all this if you are into sales. ”Attention-Interest-Desire-Action” Feature

If you want to write a sales copy then you can just use this tool attention interest desire action. So, basically, attention takes the user’s first attention then it generates the interest and then it generates the desire then they convert the desire into action.

So these are the sales strategies. So by using this you just have to put it in the words and they will generate the sentence based on this criteria.

Let’s try this, attention so you can see, it has taken the users attention now ”You’re busy and you need to generate more leads”, right. Now interest, it generates the interest of the person who is reading the sales copy, ”Lead generation tools can really help and the ones I use converts 90% of clicks to generate leads”.

”Try this tool that converts!” so it generates the desire and action is like ”Click here now to get it before it runs out”. So you want them to sign up, or you want them to, you know, purchase your product. So that’s how this tool works.

Now, there are other tools also right? So there are many tools, right 90+ tools. So suppose you are working on some startups and want some ideas for your startups, right.

So I’m passionate. Maybe I’m passionate about internet marketing, right. So I’ll just type in and it will give me startup ideas, right. So what product I can create to gain more business. So this is what it is, right. So it is giving me ideas as help companies do more with their email subscribers, help generate more revenue through the use of emails.

So these are all the Internet Marketing ideas for startups, maybe I can open an internet marketing company for startups, to help them to get press and exposure, providing accounts and growth hacking platforms. So this is giving me an idea of this particular product I can create to generate my own startup and make business and money, right.

So there are other personal tools, right, so if you are using clubhouse, and you want to write a bio, you can do that. Maybe, I am a freelance internet marketer, I will just type in. Depending on what business or profession you are into.

So you can see how it creates. It generates some catchy bios, or if you’re wanting to apply for a job interview, and if you want to write a cover letter.

So it is asking me what experience makes you a good candidate? So what experience do you have, I have experience working as a virtual assistant and helping business owners. It will generate a cover letter for me. So depending on the job that you’re applying, for and what experience they need. So you just have to type in over here. And it will do it right.

So yeah, it’s awesome, right? So It gives you a lot of ideas right. So no AI tool is perfect Right. So yeah, that’s it. Review Conclusion

Let me end the video right now. And let me conclude it. So no AI tool is perfect, right. So basically, it gives you an idea of what you not currently thinking. So you can just use this idea, some changes, whether you’re writing a blog, or sales copy or anything.

So that’s the purpose of these AI tools. And I just used this tool and I found it very useful. Maybe it’s not that advanced, like Jarvis and other AI-based tools, but it does the work if you know how to use it and you are not completely relying on it. Right. So that concludes and if you want a 40% discount on your first-year plan of, then use the link that is given in the description and you will get that right.

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