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Crunchbase is a famous name in the startup community. Let us see how you can do Crunchbase Data Scraping & Lead Generation (Almost Free)

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Intro to Crunchbase Data Scraping

Hey guys, welcome to digiliterate youtube channel. And in this video, I’ll be talking about a method by which you can find contact details of all the startup founders from CrunchBase.

So, for this, we are going to use two tools one is CrunchBase and the other is It is a tool that helps you to find contact details of people and CrunchBase is something that you can use to find startups, latest startups, depending on how much funding they have received, their location, and all other details that are available.

So, let us go to my screen and I will show you how we can use CrunchBase and another tool like Apollo to find contact details, so, let’s go to my screen.

So, right now, on Crunchbase, you can see that they have a plan of $49 per month, which you do not require, they provide a free trial of the pro plan that you can use. So, I think that is enough for a small project, but if you like to use it for some big projects, then you can also go for their paid plans.

But it is always free to start right and the main thing is like they do not have contact availability, right, they have very less contact availability, you can see only you can find 10 Contact Details per month. So that is a very limiting feature that I think it is.

So to overcome this, I have discovered one thing that I’m going to talk about now. So first you will require a free version of CrunchBase and the other thing that you will require is the plan. So with this plan, you can find right now they have a professional plan at $19. But again, this plan price may change to $49.

But I think it is still worth it right? with this plan you can find up to 10,000 contact details right. So, I think that is very much right and it is worth it. So all these contacts are verified for bounce rate. So the quality is very good. So you can use this.

So, the only cost that you will require is $19 or it may change in the future to $49. So that you will require the CrunchBase free version you will require right.

Crunchbase Dashboard & Other Details

So now let me sign into my CrunchBase account. Okay, so now we are on our dashboard of CrunchBase. So what I will do is, I will just do a quick company research or startup research, as you may say. So as you can see, I’m trying to find the contact details or startups of the United States that are having employees of up to 500 or 1000 that are founded in the past year.

And you can apply those filters as per your requirements. So definitely, if you’re watching this video, I expect that you are familiar with CrunchBase.If you’re not, then yeah, you want to explore more and learn about it. So it’s very simple. On the left-hand side, all the filters that are available, that you can use to target specific field startups based on your requirements.

So that is what I am doing right now. So I want startups that are private, that are active, which means some startups may be closed. So I don’t want startups that is closed, I want to start for profit, I don’t want nonprofit startups.

So, there are all the filters that I applied, you’re free to explore as per your requirement. So, once you have the Startups as per your choice and suppose these are all the startups that I got, I got like 1118 results. Now, I want the founders of all the startups or key decision-makers of the startups right.

So, how I am going to find because CrunchBase limits you right, it does not allow you to find a lot of startups. It only allows you to find 10 contact details and if you go for the higher plan like the enterprise plan, then they are very expensive right.

So, what my plan is like suppose you want a startup. Now, you can apply the filters that you want, first apply the filters. Suppose you want the founded date, you can filter in ascending order. So the latest is the startups that are founded early that will be listed first.

So as you go further, the oldest startups you will find. So once you apply all these filters what I will do is, what the major important thing for us in this data is the websites, all this website is important because using this, we are going to find the contact details of the founders of the key decision-makers, like directors.

Like the directors, president, managers, etc, right? So I don’t want all these details, right, I’m concerned only about the website. But all the startups are as per my requirements. So what I will do is, in the edit view section, I will go, as you can see, in the edit view, if you don’t know, these are all the columns that you are seeing right now.

They are now showing me company type, operating system. So you can add to this column. So if you add a description, and apply changes, you will see that the description of the companies is given. So this is what the rows and columns are all about.

I don’t want any of these, I just want the website because this is very useful data. I don’t want other data, because other data is not of use for us to find the contact. So now, I could not remove the organization name. But if it was possible? I would have. So now I got the websites.

So this is what I’m going to use to find the contact details of the startup founders. So what I’ll do is, I’ll just copy. So one question that I will ask you if you have any solution about it, please comment below. So it will be helpful for all the community out there. And what we are doing is nothing illegal. So all the data that we are using is publicly available.

So it’s not like we are scrapping any data using third-party software that is not allowed. So data is available. Now what you do is just copy this data. So you have to copy this data. And you have to paste this, you have to paste this data because you need only a website. And this is what I was trying to find the solution to. But I was not able to.

Suppose I just want to copy only the websites and not all other things. So is there any solution that we can do, if you have then comment down below, that will be very helpful? So right now what I’m doing is I’m just copy-pasting all this data. So by removing all the other columns, I limited it because I just wanted the websites.

So now we have websites. So what I’ll do is I will go to the Google Sheets, and I will just paste the data, right? So. So now all this data that you’re seeing, I just want the website, you can see the website, URL, I just want this. So what you have to do is you have to clean this data, right.

So that’s why I was asking for a solution where we only get the websites and not the other data like company names, you don’t want that we just want the URL. So you have to clean it by applying filters. So maybe you can do this. Or if you have any other solution, then you can do that as well.

I will just apply a filter over here. And I will just remove all this data that is not available. So I’ll just clear all this section, and I will just type in one. So all this data I don’t want, I will select it, I will type in 2, all this data I don’t want, I will select it. So this is what I will do. As you can see, I applied the filter right now. So I don’t want this data because I just want the website URL.

So I will just click on here and I will delete related data. Now, I would again, use the filter. So this is how I will clean the data. But if you have any other ideas to clean the data fast, let me know. And this is where the time is get consumed. Right. So this is what I want a solution for. But yeah, so let me clean the data and get back to you.

So all you have to do is clean the data manually. And just keep the URL, right? Just keep the URLs, right like the company URL, etc. So let me clean the data. So as you can see that I have cleaned the data and I only kept all the URLs, the right website domains are kept.

So what I will do now, once you have clean the data, you can again, you can, you know, you can click on the next option over here and again the same thing you have to repeat, you have to copy the data in a Google Sheet, and you have to clean that data, right.

How to use for Lead Generation

And once the data is clean, what we will do is, we’ll go to Apollo, so let me log in, obviously, you have to buy a plan of them, you have to purchase the plan of the pro version of $19 that gives you 10,000 contact details. What I will do is, in the apollo, I will go in the People section.

Now there are a lot of filters, right. If you haven’t checked my Apollo review, then do check that video, I recently reviewed the tool and you can learn more about this tool, I will give the link in the description also. Talking about Apollo, On the left-hand side all the filters that you can apply to find the contact details of the person.

Like if you can find a person working in the USA, with CEOs working in the USA in the b2b sector. So you can do that by using all these filters, right? But what we need is we have a website, so we need to find the contact details of a person using their company domain name. So that option is there in the

So let’s see this section, the company section you can see in the company section, what you have to do is click on this, include exclude list, so you have to include the list of domains. So let me copy domains that we have found. So once you find this domain, what I want to do is click, copy and paste these domains here, right.

So what the software will do is, it will find all the contact details of the people that have emails with this domain, so let’s just click save and search. So you can see we got all the contact details of the people, you can see we found founders, co-founders head of product.

That’s it and make sure you use the filter of verified because you do not need emails that will bounce. So you just need emails that are 100% verified and you can send them. If you require to find only founders so you can use job titles like founders, so I’ll just use this title. So I got all the founders of the startups.

So again, I got 54 startup founders that were as per our requirements. So now all you have to do is save the contacts and export them right so I will just select them I will save them again I will select so total I got 54 founder details. So I will just select them
save them.

So you can see in the saved section you have to go, you can see in the saved section we have now 38 contacts if you want to find more you can do that let me save all of those contact details. Let me refresh it

So you can see we have around 54 Full Contact details. Now all I have to do is export them to an Excel sheet. Click on the Export button, click on the download section. Now you have to just upload this sheet to view the contact details.

That’s it. So you have all their email IDs now, you can see all the founder’s email IDs you have in one click now. So as you can see we have all the founder’s details now we have their industry, their LinkedIn profile, their startup website, their company details, company LinkedIn URL, Facebook URL. All the details we have, the number of fundings they raised, their revenue.

How to verify emails using Gmass.

So yeah, this was all about it. So one more step if you like to do although we have found these verified emails, there may be still some emails that may not be 100% verified. So what you can do is just go to the Gmass. So in the Gmass section, what they have is they have a free tool, an email verification tool.

So using this tool, you can again verify all your emails for free. So all you have to do is just copy these emails and just paste his emails and just click on find email addresses. Now all these emails, you have to click on Verify the email so it will automatically verify all.

You will not send emails that are not valid or that are going to show some error or they might get bounced. So as you can see the email verification started and all these emails are getting verified and they are valid. So if they show it valid, that means they’re safe to send and that they will not bounce right.

So Gmass provides you free email verification service, they are basically a mass email sending service, but they have this side product that you can use for free.

Crunchbase Data Scraping Conclusion

So yeah, all the emails are valid. So they are all safe to send right. So if they are not safe, if they are not safe, you will see an error unknown or something like that in a red color right. So that concludes our video and hope you liked the video.

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