Uplead Review: B2B Lead Generation with 95% Accuracy

Generating high-quality leads for your business is not easy. We will see how you can do B2B lead generation with 95% accuracy in this Uplead review.

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Intro to B2B Lead Generation

Hi Guys, Welcome to the Digiliterate YouTube channel, in this video I’ll be talking about a lead generation tool that helps you find b2b leads at scale.

So the name of the tool is uplead.com. So, just like any other b2b lead generation tool, you can find verified emails and phone numbers using this tool. So I will give you a quick overview of how the tool works.

I will also talk about what are the pros and cons of this tool. And if you should try this tool, and should you pay for this tool, so it is going to definitely help you in your buying decision. If you’re considering the b2b leads tool. So let’s go to the screen now. And I will show you how the tool works.

So now we are on our screen, you can see I am on the Uplead.com website. You can see on the screen that they promise that you get 95% of the data to be accurate. And let’s talk about the pricing.

So you can see that you can try the free trial where you get five credits for free. So basically, what are the credits? so one credit is equal to one contact detail. So if you find one email id of a person, then you will lose one credit. So with five credits, you can find five verified emails or phone numbers of the person right.

And they have other plans starting from $74 per month, annually, we have to pay 890$. So you get 2040 credits annually. So in one year, you will get 2040 credits. And talking about the Plus plan, you will get 149$ per month, you will get 4800 credits, and in the professional plan, you will get 12000 credits at $300 per month, right.

Finding Person’s Contact Details

Let’s log into the dashboard. So this is how the dashboard looks like it’s very simple. Here, you can see that I’m using the free plan. So I have two credits left. And I’m on the trial plan. On the left-hand side, you can see all these criteria that you can use to find contact details.

So let us try to suppose I want to find a contact detail of a person working in the construction industry, I can do that. Or you can choose the subcategories if you want to target more target audiences, if you want to find people based on their title, you can do that. Suppose you want to find CEOs of the company working in the construction industry, then you can just use that.

Choose by location, suppose you want to find people from the United States. So you can just do that, you can select from here. And there are other filters that you can use by revenue, how much the revenue of the company is. So you can do that, by employees, how many employees are working in that company.

And by types like if the company you want is a public, private, subsidiary and another thing, if you just want to find fortune 100 Country companies or fortune 500 companies like that. By company URL is, if you have a website domain of that company, suppose I want to find amazon.com. People working in amazon.com, Amazon, right, so I have the company domain, so it will use that.

Technologies, that are not that important. But if you know that, if the companies using some specific technology, then you can type that and find over here, like you can type in the technology like they’re using some JavaScript, maybe. So that is technology, right? So I can just choose over here and then they will filter it.

So if you want to find startups that have recently raised some funding, then you can do this. And there are some other options. So your presence of social links. And if you want to find a company founded in a specific year, then if you just want to find a company that is founded between 2011 and 2020, then you can do that.

Also, you can exclude the data with specific keywords. And you can also upload a list that you don’t want this list context to be found. Right, so it will not show you this context. So, right now, you can see, I applied these filters, right industry title, Location.

So you can see on the right-hand side, I’m getting the CEOs working in the construction industry. So this is how you get so you get the phone numbers, you get the emails, you get the location. And you can push this data to your CRM.

So they are working with popular CRMs, like HubSpot, Salesforce, etc. Now, also you can download, so let’s try finding the contact details of one person. I just want to find the contact details of Michael, working in Scout energy, and his job title is CEO. So as you can see, once I click on unlock, I will get the email ID.

I can just save this contact detail to my list. So you can just create a list, a new list, if you want construction company firms, you can create this list and you know, you can save this to this new list, right. So your contact is now saved to this list. So that’s how you can find the list.

And also you can export this contact to your Excel sheet. Once you click on this Excel sheet, a new Excel sheet will get downloaded where you can see all these details, the company they work for, his email address, the industry, then NAICS code, mobile number of the person, his job title, company URL and all other details, right. So that’s how things work here.

So that’s basically the tool, right, so you just type in, use the filters on the left side, you get the content on the right side, if you like, you can just click on here, if you just want to unlock the mobile number, you get the mobile numbers too.

But as you can see the zero credits now, if I use the one credit for emails, so and I use the other credit for finding the mobile number, right, so let me just download it to my CRM. As you can see, the file gets downloaded into an excel sheet.

So there you definitely using a lot of credits, right, so but once you find a phone number, the email id also gets unlocked automatically. So the use of credit is only one time. So if you just want to find a phone number, it will just use one credit, but you will also get the person’s email address, right. So that’s how the tool works.

Finding Company Details

So other options you have is you can find the company details, right. So you just want a list of company details, right, so I just want maybe we’ll just use mining company details, I’ll just click on Done. As you can see, I just got the details of all the mining industries. And you can use the filters similar to the one that I showed you based on their fundings, based on their type, right, based on the number of employees working, based on the revenue they are generating.

So these are all the company details that you can find from here, you get more details, if you click on the specific company names, you get more details, right, you get details on the year they found, the number of employees working, the technologies they’re using, the funding rounds they have participated. So that is the option of Company Search.

And in the my list section as you can see, I just created the construction firms list and added one contact before that I had created a list of leads. And I added three contacts to them. So that’s the work of the List section.

Lookup. So lookup is what? basically, if you have the full name of the person, and if you have a company URL, then you can just click here and search. So suppose I want to find a person’s name, I have Vaibhav Patil my name. So I just want to find the company, vaibhav patil working in Digiliterate.com.

So I’ll just type in over here and I’ll just click on search right now I do not have credits, but if the data is available, the software will just match the data and present you the person’s email ID. So that’s how you do it.

And in the verification section, what we have is we can verify the email. Although the data that is provided you get in the context search is 95% accurate, there are maybe 5% of data that is not accurate. So, this is just an add-on service that you have to purchase separately.

So, if you just want to verify like suppose, if you have a list of 1000 emails that you want to verify, then you have to spend $8 to verify those emails. Just upload the list over here and the software will verify those lists. So, you will get a list where you will know that these emails are valid and other emails are not valid. So they can bounce right.

Some Other Uplead Features

So, now the next feature is enriched. So, to explain this feature in a simple manner, let me take you to a sample list, let me find a sample list of contacts. And let me explain to you using that.

So what this feature does is, suppose you have a list of emails, right. And if you want to find the first name, last name, right, and the property manager’s name, so all you have to do is provide this list of emails and the software will give you all the other data. So that is what the use of these email sections is.

And if you have a list of company names, suppose you have a list of URLs of the company, website details, then if you just put this data into the software of Uplead, the software will give you other data, right.

So it will give you the company name, it will give you the industry the company is. So this is just a simple explanation of what I’m talking about. So that is what enrichment is all about. So if you have a doubt, please ask me.

But yeah, you just put one data and the software helps you to find other data fields, right. So if you put email ids, the software will give you the name of the person, the job title of that person, the company they work for. So that is what the data enrichment feature is all about. So yeah, that completes the tutorial of this Uplead.com. That’s the major feature of this tool, right.

You can also refer your friend if you want to, they have an affiliate program, where you can earn the commission of 20% if you’d like. And in the profile section, you just have to type in all your basic details. And you can also connect to your CRM or Zapier. So just click on it. And you can just connect all these available CRMs.

Pros & Cons of Uplead

Hey guys, so that’s all about this tool now. So before ending this video, I’d like to talk about the pros and cons of this tool. So what I like about this tool is that it is very simple to use. And all the data that we get from this tool is very much accurate. So your work of verifying the emails is definitely going to be way easier.

So you can just find the emails from this tool and send mass emails to them or reach out to them. So the data accuracy is very good for Uplead. The thing that I did not like about this tool is it’s very expensive when compared to its competitors.

So if you can use other tools, apollo.io, and even seamless.ai, They are very much cheap. And they provide the same value, right? So if you can use those tools and maybe yes, I agree that does not have the same data accuracy as this tool, but you can also use those tools and use third-party applications to verify those emails.

So that’s the tool review and my tutorial so do subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like more Saas product-related video tutorials and online money-making videos. Thanks

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