Free Bulk Email Verification Tool (No Signup)

Email verification is the most important step for any Email campaign. There are many Email verification tools in the market but most of them are not accurate and are very expensive.

In this article & Video tutorial, I will be showing you an Email verification tool that is free & 100% accurate.

Check this video tutorial where I show, how you can verify your emails for free.

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Check Video Transcript Below:

How Does the Free Email Verification Tool Work?

Hey guys. So in this video, I’ll be talking about verifying unlimited emails for free.

So how do you do that? As you know, sending an email list that is unverified will result in high bounce rates. So it’s always a good idea to verify the email list before sending mass emails.

So we have a tool that allows you to verify unlimited emails free of cost. The tool that we’re talking about is Gmass. So Gmass is providing you with an Email Verification Tool that is free to use & does not require any signup.

Go to then visit the product section & click on the Email verifier.

Now you will need to copy all your emails & paste them. Right now, I have around 256 emails, so I’ll just copy those and paste them over here.

These are the email that I want to verify, all you have to do is click on find the email address. Now the Emails are listed, so you just have to click on Verify these email addresses.

Now as you can see, the Email verification process has started. So the tool will verify all your emails one by one. Now, one drawback about this tool is, It’s not going to verify quickly as compared to other email verification tools.

So if your list is very large, make sure you divide them into segments. And as you can see, It will verify the Emails now.

If the email is valid, you will see it has valid in this section. Now if the email is not valid, or the tool is not able to verify the email then you will see the status as unknown or error.

So that’s the quick video that I wanted to show. Now once all your emails are verified, all you have to do is copy those emails and paste them into your original excel sheet and filter all those emails that are invalid or showing errors so you have a clean email list.

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