Unlimited Lead Generation & Email Campaigns with SendVilla

In this article, I will be talking about a marketing product called SendVilla. With Sendvilla you can generate unlimited leads and send unlimited email campaigns.

So if you are a marketer or a business owner, it is very important to generate leads for your business. Having contact details such as email address or phone number is the first step. With Sendvilla you can do that with just a click of a button.

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Here is my complete Sendvilla Review & Tutorial in video format.

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Here is the Transcript of the above tutorial.

What is Sendvilla & It’s overview

We are on our dashboard of Sendvilla, As you can see, this is their official website. They are an email marketing and lead generation tool.

Talking about the pricing plan, they are having two plans: the monthly plan is $27 per month and the lifetime plan is 324$.

With a lifetime plan, you can generate unlimited leads free forever. And you can get this at just 49.90$ after you apply my promo code. (Provided below)

What you can do with this tool is you can generate unlimited leads, you can send unlimited email campaigns. And also you can filter the leads based on the industry and the location of the business.

Now let me go to the dashboard. Once you purchase the Sendvilla, this is what the dashboard will look like after you log in.

Let me give you a quick overview of how the tools basically are, it’s not complex, it’s a very simple tool.

The Google API & SMTP setup you need to do for lead generation and email campaign. I will come to that later.

In the lead section, You find information about the business owners. In the email campaign, you create an email template. Before sending mass emails, we create a customized template that goes to each person. So this is what we do.

In the Email List section. This is where you are going to send emails to the people. So this is the section where you are going to visit, upload & send emails to the people.

I will come to this, I’m just giving you an overview of what the tool looks like and what the basic features are.

Again, in the account section again, you can see what your plans are and other stuff.

Basically, what you do in Sendvilla is, First, set up the Google API and SMTP. Without that, you will not be able to send mass emails or generate leads.

And once you do that, you will be able to do two things again, one is to generate unlimited leads. And also with the help of SMTP setup, you are going to be able to send email campaigns.

So this was a quick overview of Sendvilla software.

Setup Google API for Lead Generation

For generating leads, the first step is to set up the Google API. The word Google API might look like a very complex word to you. And you might think that you require some coding knowledge, but you do not require and we do not need to go in-depth. Just have to follow the steps and remember the Instructions that are provided by me.

We need Google API for that the first step is to visit Google Maps Platform & you will be prompted with setting up your account. I have already created the account so I will be directly logged into my account.

If you are creating a new account then you will be prompted with selecting your country. And one more important thing that you have to do is set up a billing account where you have to set up card details of yours. Because without that you will not be able to generate leads and use the API.

So all our work is on the API to use API you need to keep creating a billing account. That option you will see once you create an account, I already set up my billing account. So I’m not seeing that option right now.

And also, Google API gives you $200, free usage per month. So with that $200, you can generate up to 2000 leads for free after that the cost of one lead will be 0.10$ per lead. So right now you can see the billing option that I used around $5 of leads. So I can use up to $200 of leads for free. And $200 can generate up to 2000 leads.

I have already created a project for Sendvilla. But let me create a new project in front of you. So you have to create a new project, you can type in the name Sendvilla. You can just type in any project name that you like. Okay, so now you just have to let it be that way only and just click on create.

So as you can see, on the right-hand side, all my activities are getting tracked. So you can see that I created a project with the name Sendvilla. so you can directly select the project from here, or you can just go to this section, and select this one, right.

So I selected the project, now the next step is you have to go to the menu and just click on API services and go to the library. And from the library click on the Places API. So this API is what you are going to use.

So what basically the software does is, it uses the Google Map to find the leads for you based on the keyword that you input in that. So I’ll just enable this API. So as you can see, the API has now been enabled.

Now what you have to do is go to the credentials. Now we have to create a credential, and the credential that we are going to create is an API key. This API key is what we are going to paste into this section. So just copy this API key.

Just copy that API key and go to the SendVilla, just paste this API key over here. And now The limit call is not the number of leads, it is the number of API usage. It may take a few API calls to search for one lead. It is recommended to set it to 10,000, but need to monitor the usage on Google Cloud Platform from time to time if you do not want to incur additional charges.

So once you create this Google map platform, you have to put your billing in the billing information, you have to put your credit card or debit card details, right. So Google will use that card, charge that card if you exceed that limit. So you can create you can generate up to 2000 leads per month for free.

So it is a good idea to limit your number because you don’t want to get charged, you can see you do not have to exceed the complimentary $200 limit, otherwise, you will get charged. So this is a very important step.

So all you have to now do is click on save. So as you can see, the Google API is updated successfully.

Now one more thing I would like to show you is, how to know your billing information. So you just have to go here and click on this billing information and you just have to click on this View Report. And you will see all the important details like how much you have used the credit right per month.

So right now I used around $5 worth of credits. So I can use up to $200. So it is a good idea to keep track. So you don’t want to exceed the limit of $200 per month. So that is what is the important thing I wanted to show you.

So, there are a lot of things over here. And you might get overwhelmed, but you don’t have to, because the things that I’m showing you right now are the most important. And you should keep that in mind. So I pasted the Google API here and that’s it.

So we can now start generating the leads.

Unlimited Lead Generation with Sendvilla

So let’s go to the lead section. So, basically, what you have to do now is click on the search leads. Now here, you have to input the keyword. So what type of business you are looking to target? So suppose you are looking to target dentists, you can type in dentist, suppose you’re looking to target digital marketing-related companies you can do that.

Now you can choose the location, suppose I want digital marketing firms from the USA. So I just click over here. Now, what are FB pixels, It is the type of information that the software gives you. So, it is not very complex, I am not going to show you what is FB pixels are. But basically, if it’s data that they scraped from Google Maps.

So if the data shows that the company is using FB pixel, that means they’re promoting their business on the Facebook page. So, I will show you what the data looks like. And Google My Business obviously the all the data that is going to get scrapped from Google My Business Pages.

So all you have to do now is start searching, you have to type in the name of your leads. So I will just type in digital marketing firms. Now again this software does not give you instant leads like other software but you have to wait 20 to 30 minutes for the software to work and it will generate leads for you. So all you have to do is get click on it and wait for your leads to start generating.

So as you can see, there are no leads right now but after 20 minutes there will be fewer leads. I’m not going to wait now and I’m just going to show you other firm leads that are already scrapped.

As you can see details of the schools, the software has given me 59 leads. Another list of dentists I scrapped from New York. So these are all the leads.

Now, these other leads are all in the process of getting scrapped by the software. So now how to view the leads, you can see if you refresh you will get leads and to see those click over here. Click on this eye button once you click on the eye button, you will see all the details the software has grabbed for you.

In our case, the software has grabbed the details of the schools in New York. So now you can export these leads, All you have to do is click export to CSV and you can just open all these leads you will get in a CSV or Excel sheet.

So I already opened these leads, as you can see on your screen, these are the type of leads the software was able to scrape. so I gave the software the keyword, I wanted to get school leads & I got all the details of the school from Google Maps. It got the email ids of them, it got their location, it got their website details. It also got their phone numbers, their Facebook page, their LinkedIn profile and their Instagram profile & their Twitter handles. So this is the type of details the software is able to get for you.

Now we can do a few more things that I would like to show, you can manually add leads into the software, how you do that. First, click manually add, click new, type the business name, I will type in address, I will type in the contact person name, I will type in my name, I will type in the location. And all other details have to be typed. All details are mandatory, you have to type and click on save right.

So as you can see, the leads got added successfully into my system. So this is what we did manually. So you can also do it in a bulk. Suppose you have bulk leads that you want to upload into the system. All you have to do is click on the samples page. And you have to open the Sample Page, a sample Excel sheet. And you have to, you know, fill complete these details right.

You have to type in their business name, type in address, phone number, LinkedIn, Instagram, you have to complete this list, you have to save this list. And once you have this list, you have to come here on this software, you have to choose that file, open that, you have to choose and you have to click on the Import option. So as you can see, I successfully imported that data into the system. So I showed you both ways to manually import data & add data in bulk.

Now talking about Facebook pixel, you can see the leads given me the data with Facebook pixel is no that means this business is not running Facebook ads. So basically that’s what that means, right? If there is a Yes, that means the person is running Facebook ads on the page.

So this detail is useful for some business owners. Like, suppose we are a digital marketing firm, and we want to promote our Facebook ads service to the other business owners. So if we have data, right, so suppose we have data that this business is not running Facebook ads, that means we have more chances of promoting our Facebook ads agency services to them.

So this data is useful for marketing agencies, but not for all agencies, right, not for all business owners. So that completes our overview of how you can generate the leads, and how you can set up the Google API.

Unlimited Email Campaigns with Sendvilla

So now, I’m going to talk about how you can send email campaigns. So, for that, we need to go to the SMTP setup.

API setup is needed for generating leads and SMTP setup is required for sending email campaigns. So, for that, Sendvilla recommends that you use smtp2go.com and use their SMTP server.

They allow up to 1000 emails per month. So you can send up to 1000 emails per month for free. So you can use that, create an account and use all those details and complete those details over here. And now what the what type of details you need to complete over here.

I will talk about what you can see on the screen from email in the from email section you can come type in your complete email ID in the SMTP host. Now suppose you are using smtp2go.com service then only type this but if your SMTP server is different, suppose it is Gmail then you have to type this but if it is smtp2go, then you have to type this. And in the SMTP user section, you have to type your full email address.

In the SMTP password section, you have to type in the password that you use to log into your email address. In the SMTP port, you have to type 2525. Again, if you’re using this service, then only make sure that there are two types of coding one is SSL code and one is TLS code. So any server you use, even if you use another server then Smtp2go make sure the code that you use is TLS, not SSL.

So once you complete these details, you will just have to update them. And now you are ready to send mass emails or bulk emails for that matter.

One more thing I would like to talk about is, Sendvilla is not your traditional email marketing tool where you can send a lot of hundreds and 1000s of emails per day like that. This is this tool is meant only to reach out to the leads that you think are 100% qualified. So you know that you will have more chances of getting a response from them. So make sure you keep that in mind while using this email marketing tool.

Now, let’s start with the email campaign. So what are email campaigns? Now, email campaigns are basically the email template that you make before sending mass emails. So let me create and show how you create a campaign. As you can see, the first section is the campaign name. So you can type in any name like suppose I’m sending my email to the dentist. So I will just give the dentist an email campaign name.

Type in any email subject line you feel like we’ll type ”Do you need this product?”, type in the email you want to send, you can type in over here. If you want to upload an image from your desktop, then you can use this option to upload that. And if you want to use a link or use a link to upload an image, then you can use this and you can enter the URL of a link or an image. So that’s how it is and you just have to click on save now, so your email will get saved. So you just created a campaign right now.

So you created a dentist lead. So this email you are going to send to the dentist now, the next part is email list right so you created an email template or email campaign. Now the next step is to add a new list. So in the new list again, this list is going to be I know that this is going to the dentist so I’m just going to type dentist list. And I’ve just selected lists, I have to find the leads that are generated. So I’ve generated here dentist lists and just select if you’re sending for digital marketing firms, then you can do that.

Again this list you are seeing is nothing but generated leads right to make it more clear. In the lead section, you can see these are the leads that we generated. So we need to send emails to this list right so these are the options that we are seeing in the email list.

I will select dentists, I will select the campaign that I created dentist list, I’ll just save it. Now, what I do want to do is, I want to send emails to the right, so I have 11 leads so I want to send my emails to all those 11 people. So all I now have to do is click on the Send Email logo. So once I click on it, you can see they will now get sent.

You can also track the emails right you can click on this email track option. And you can basically find how many people open your email how many are bounced, how many emails did not go through, and showed error? What is the delivery rate? So these are all the things that you can track from here. So that’s how you do, right. So that’s how you generate leads. That’s how you send email campaigns.

SendVilla Lifetime Deal

So now, coming to the last part of the video, in the beginning, I told you that I’m going to give you a promo code by which you are going to get a lifetime deal at just 49.90$. So how do you get that, let’s go to the SendVilla homepage. On the homepage, you have to click on the pricing section. On the pricing section, you have to click on the subscribe option.

In the subscribe section, you have to click on the lifetime deal, and in the coupon code type PATIL. So this is your promo code by using which you are going to get a deal.

Like now there is 274.10$ is off. So you will get lifetime access to Sendvilla at just 49.90$ So you are going to be able to generate leads for a lifetime all the premium features that are going to come in the future, all the latest updates you are going to get all of those. So this is a good deal that you should try. PayPal and Stripe are the two payment methods that you can use to subscribe.


So yeah, so that’s the overall review of Sendvilla. So this overall tool is very good for small business owners and marketers and this tool is in the early stage. So more features more improvement is going to come. So now if you get the lifetime deal, It is definitely going to help you in the future to generate more leads and send mass email campaigns. So that is what the overall review of the tool was.

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