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In this Review, I will show you step-by-step methods on how to optimize your content to rank no 1 on google & outrank your competitors. Video Tutorial

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Hello Friends, Welcome to the Digiliterate YouTube channel in this video I’ll be talking about an SEO tool called So this tool helps you write SEO-friendly content by automating your content research and writing process.

With this tool, you can target the right keywords, analyze your competitor’s content, write your article outlines and even fasten your writing process by using their AI writer.

Now, if you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel, then make sure you do that. Now let’s go to my laptop screen and see the SEO tool in action.

Creating Documents on

Hey guys, so welcome to the dashboard of So once you log in, you will see the dashboard that you are seeing on my screen.

So all the things that you do, you are going to do inside a document. So creating the document is the first step when you log into So optimizing your articles, finding your competitor’s content, and writing AI-based content. So everything you’re going to do is inside the documents.

So let’s start by creating the document now. So now, once you click on the document, you can create two types of document, create new content and optimize existing content. So if you’re starting from scratch then you have to start with creating new content.

If you are already having an existing article that you have written a few months ago, and now you want to target new keywords or want to find new opportunities to rank higher. So optimizing existing content is the way to go. So let me show you what happens in optimizing existing content.

In optimizing existing content, you will just paste the content URL that you want to optimize and you will type in the target search query. So target search is what? basically, it is a target keyword that you’re using, right? Suppose I am writing an article on what is cryptocurrency? So what is cryptocurrency is my target search query, right?

So I want to rank for this search query. So that is what you want to type. So now in this article, in this video, we’re talking about creating content from scratch. And let’s type in the search query as what is cryptocurrency? Now, this is my search query. Now make sure that in the target search query, you do not type in something that is very broad or something that is very narrow, right.

The keyword that we’re trying to target should be something wherein the search result, you also can see your competitors accurately. So that is going to help you target the keywords better and compete with your competitors. Right. So in the advanced settings, you can have two options in the top Google search results and results from specific domains.

So what does is, it will search this query into Google and it will show you 20 search results. It will also include your competitors, right. So do you want those search queries to be from Google or do you want them from specific domains?

Specific domains like Bing are also thereby Microsoft. Yandex is also there. Which is of Russia, I guess. So, most of us use Google, right? And also you can enter a specific domain or website, you know, you want to search that. So I will choose here Google and most of the time it will be Google.

What is a country right? Countries basically you want to compete in which country right? You want to compete for this keyword for which country? So it depends on your target keyword, right? So for me, I am targeting this. I want to compete for these search results in the United States. So I’m competing for the English language. So if you have any other language you can choose that.

So let’s click on what is cryptocurrency and now this is what you can see on the screen. On the right-hand side, you see that will process the top 20 Google search results for a search query. So what it will do is, once you click on let’s go it will analyze all these search queries for this keyword what is a cryptocurrency and it will present you with 20 search results with their titles, headings, and all their content.

So let’s try it. So as you can see, has given me all the important details I need to write articles. So, it has analyzed the competition & gave me an average word count my competitors have written about this, the amount of headers they have, the links they have, the images they have used, what is their average domain authority.

How many backlinks do they have? So, obviously, as per this information, the competition is very high. But one more thing I would like to see is, you can click on this process results and you can uncheck the websites that you are not competing for right.

So if you are not competing for Forbes and suppose you are competing for NerdWallet because it is like a blog, right? So if you are a blogger and you want to compete with other bloggers, so competing with other big websites doesn’t make sense, right?

You don’t want to compete with Investopedia. This is a very high competition keyword, but if you are targeting some other keywords then you will only target blog articles that are very small and that are not by the government or they’re not very popular. So that is what I am doing here.

So you just have to uncheck things that you do not want to compete & just click on save. So as you can see, this gives me a complete overview of word count, headers, links, images, etc. Now you can see in the below, all these websites, I’m getting all the overview of the right what are the headers they’re using? They’re using these what is cryptocurrency? How do I invest in cryptocurrency? What online brokers offer cryptocurrency.

So this is how the block overview I get. Now once you click on this, you also get the content they have written, right. So this is the overview. So that’s what I want to talk about. Now let’s create a blog outline. So, how do you do that? Now, the first option you are seeing is SERP so what is SERP? Search engine result page.

So what does this function does for us? They analyzed the 20 search results on Google for our given keyword. So after the analysis, it presented us with all the data that we need. Article Outline

Now the next section is outlined. So once you click on the outline, you can see all the websites and their headings that they are using.

So before writing a blog, you should create an outline right so we need to know what type of topics the competitors have covered, what subjects they have covered. So we create an outline overview of the blog that we want to write about. Once we have an outline then we can just start writing the content right.

So let us create an outline first. So suppose, I’m interested in what is cryptocurrency topics so I think I should include this in my blog. I think this is also interesting, how to invest in cryptocurrency I should include in my blog. I should include cryptocurrency examples.

I will see another blog, I like this Why is cryptocurrency so volatile? and I like this type of cryptocurrency. So as you can see, as I’m clicking on this & on the right-hand side the outline is getting created right. So let me see, how cryptocurrency works, so I want that, advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrency.

So as you can see, I quickly created the outline of my blog. So I’ll just save this outline now. Once the outline is saved, what I can do is I can just quickly copy & paste this outline into my blog right. So again there is another option that I want to show.

Now let us create an outline right, so as you can see, once I click on this, it’s getting pasted over here what is cryptocurrency? I need to paste this how do I invest in cryptocurrency? I want to write about this cryptocurrency example so I will just click on this cryptocurrency example.

So I’m just showing you a sample but as you can see, all the outlines are getting created. Obviously, I’m not going to copy & paste my competitor’s content, I’m going to write my own content. I’m just creating an outline. So I get an idea of what people are writing about.

Now I can also do one thing and that is, I can rewrite the sentences. Suppose the competitor has written this, so I want to rewrite this. So what I will do is, just click on this, and I will just go to AI writer and just click on the rewrite. So as you can see, the AI tool has rewritten the sentence for me. So I’ll just click on here. Yes, so the sentence is replaced. And it is a new sentence that the AI writer has written for me.

So you can do that, you can just click over here rewrite. But again, you have a choice, there are different choices if you don’t want this sentence to be rewritten. There is another version of it. I want this version.

So one that is pasted you move to the next sentence, now the next sentence is rewritten for you. So I’ll just click on here. So that way you can process. So this is how the rewriting works. They also summarise the content right? I just want to summarise this paragraph, Cryptocurrency example, how do I invest in cryptocurrency, I want to invest in crypto.

It summarised these sentences for me. So this is how you create the outline right? So now you can see on my screen that I created the outline. I deleted all this data, right? So this data is not needed because this data is of my competitor, I’m not going to use the data, I’m just using the outline headers. So, this is what the important data was for me right.

So, that completes our outline feature. Content Brief

Now, let’s go to the brief section, what is the brief section? So, in briefs, you get all the data right. Let me show you, click on the Automate brief section. So, in the Automate brief section, you get all this data.

You get the People also ask questions as Google suggests to you that questions right? People are also asking for this. So that all the things you get.

What are the topics your competitors have covered? You can also get all the headers your competitors are using. You can also get all the questions that are asked across search results. You get statistics, basically any data that your competitor has quoted. So, suppose they use like 10% of cryptocurrency deals are scams or something like that. So, they are using some figures or some stats. So, you will get all those data here.

So, let’s try to create a brief. Once we create the outline view, the brief is also useful to write the article. So now it is creating the brief for you. As you can see below, people also ask, so it has also listed all the questions that are asked by Google. Is cryptocurrency a good investment? What is cryptocurrency in simple words, what is the purpose of cryptocurrency?

These are all the questions that are going to be helpful for writing the article, you can cover all these topics, you also get the sub-features. So, you get all your competitor’s data- what headers they are using and what meta description they have right. So, that is all you get. You also get what are the topics they have covered.

So, they have covered cryptocurrency, technology. So these are the key topic words they are using in the article. So you should also cover all these topics or use this keyword and explain those in your article.

Topic clusters basically expand the topics. Suppose someone has written about cryptocurrency, but what are the different types of keywords they have used? so they have used cryptocurrency networks, cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency scams. So if they’re using Bitcoin. So what different types of Bitcoin keywords they have used.

They have used bitcoin cash, Bitcoin Ethereum, etc. So this is how you get the data, you also get the headers that are used in the top search results. Is cryptocurrency safe? What is cryptocurrency? These are used across top search results. So these are the idea of the header you can get.

You can also use these headers in your article. What are different questions that are asked in the top search results? you can use them to cover in your article. As I was talking about stats, so, you can see NerdWallet has covered stats, like more than 17,000 Different cryptocurrencies are traded publicly according to coin market cap.

So, you can use these stats you know, to get an idea and you can cover these and add more value to these stats in your articles. So, that was all about the brief.

So, this covers our entire article writing process. So, we got our important thing like we got what people are asking, we got how many words you want to write. We can write up to 1397 words to rank. We got like how many headings we can use in our articles.

We also want to know who are our competitors are, we also want to know what topics they are covering and how much you can cover those topics. So, this is how you do it.

Now, let me just expand this. Content Optimization

Now let’s go to the optimised section. So, what is an optimised section? suppose I wrote this article myself and I want to optimize it right. To optimize it for what? optimize for keywords. So, let me go to the keyword section. So what is the optimised section, In the optimised section, you can see all these keywords that are used by your competitors?

Your competitor has used it in their article, the disadvantages of cryptocurrency, but you haven’t used this keyword in your article. So you have to use it. So, your article will be more optimised. So, I hope you are getting the idea right. Your competitors have written about processing powers, they have written about diversified portfolios, you should cover all this topic into your article.

You can see the 9% What it is? It is the topic score. So, the more optimised your article is for all these keywords, the more your topic score will be. So, what type of headings your competitors are using. And if you’re not using them then you have to use them in your article to optimize it.

What type of titles they have used, what type of topics they have used. So, if you talk about technology topics, then these are all the different technology items they have covered- technology, blockchain technology, ledger technology. So you have to cover all these.

So, this is the overall idea. Now, let me show you something, suppose I am not using Blockchain technology, so you can see coin telegraph is using Blockchain technology these many times in their articles. is using Blockchain technology these many times in their articles. So you have to use those keywords in your articles to rank for right.

So let me show you one more thing. Suppose, I’m using the Blockchain technology keyword in my article, as you can see this updated right. So orange color is like basically, you’re using the keyword, but you’re not using it for the recommended number of times. So they are recommending you to use this keyword three times in the articles you are not using.

So if you see grey color that means you have not at all used this keyword in your article. So let me again use this blockchain technology keyword in my article. This is just a sample that’s why I’m copy-pasting as you can see it gets updated in real-time.

As you can see, I use this third time so it is now optimised and it shows green color, but if I overuse the keyword then it will also show some error. Suppose, I use the keyword for like, maybe I use the keyword a lot of times. So, you can see, the color changes to red which means you are doing keyword stuffing. So, you cannot use this too many times. So, it is not good for SEO.

So, you should also remove it. So it will turn red if you use the keyword too many times. So that completes our optimization topics. So that’s how you do it. Obviously now there are two sections, content brief, and my content. So once you create all this content outline, all the briefs so you can use that data into the My Content section and you can actually write your article and optimize it as you go right. Questions

Okay, so now let’s talk about questions. So what are these? basically you get an idea of what type of questions are asked on different platforms, forums, suppose you want to know what type of questions are asked about what is cryptocurrency on Reddit. So you can just click on here and you will get all the questions that are asked on this forum. So what is cryptocurrency? And how does it make people rich?

Do you want to know what type of questions are asked by people on Quora? So you can see all these questions. You want to know, People also asked, A feature that is given by Google right? So Google suggests you some keywords. Let me show you an example if I type what is cryptocurrency? Let’s see if you can see it on my screen. So these are the people who also ask questions right. So these questions are very important for targeting your blog.

So this you get ready-made here right. So you can use those. Also on the subpage obviously the questions that are asked mean anything that is having a question mark, and is used by the article writer, you get that.

So these questions you can use in your articles right, suppose I want to use this. Should I buy cryptocurrency, I will click over here on this question, and you can see the question has got copy-pasted, I can change the header should I buy a cryptocurrency and if you want how does a cryptocurrency work, so as you can see, It gets added. So that’s what the feature of questions was all about.

About Wikipedia

Now, Wikipedia is not that important for us. But you can get all the details like that are covered in the Wikipedia articles. You can see all these pages are of Wikipedia about cryptocurrency. So these are all the parts of it. If you want more details like if you want to use them as a reference, these are great things to use. But most of the time, we may not use it. But yeah, that’s what you can use. AI Writer

Now the last one is AI writer. So what is an AI writer? as the name suggests, it helps you to write content. Again, don’t take this as something that will automate all your writing and you will not do anything. You just have to use it as a reference. Right? So now there are three sections here.

Write for me, templates and community. When you use to write for me, make sure that you have written some content before. So what the AI writer does is, uses it as a reference to write the future content right. So if suppose I want to write should I buy a cryptocurrency and again, background context is very important. Don’t give some unrelated irrelevant background context.

So it will confuse the AI and it will not give you the proper result. So writing is very important. I’m giving a background context. So now you can choose how many words you want the AI writer to generate for you. How much the level of creativity should be. So just click over here.

And before you should have written some content because it uses that pattern to create future articles. I’ll just click over here. As you can see, should I buy cryptocurrency you can see buying cryptocurrency is risky, you could lose all your money if you don’t buy…So as you can see I have given the context right and also the articles that are written before are relevant.

So it has produced some relevant content for me. You can also use templates right pre-made templates are there. So suppose you are writing about what is cryptocurrency and you want to write a blog introduction so you can just use it. You can put the input like, Intro to cryptocurrency just put like that and you can just click on the run template.

So you can see, intro to cryptocurrency has created a blog introduction for me, cryptocurrency digital form money that operates so yeah, you can use those templates premade templates if you don’t have any if you won’t like if you are writing definition if you want feature benefit, list of questions.

Suppose I want to like how does cryptocurrency works? Like I want questions for cryptocurrency right? We can generate questions related to crypto cryptocurrencies, right, what is cryptocurrency? Where did Bitcoin come from? What is ICO? Should I invest in crypto? What is blockchain technology? So yeah, that is very helpful, right?

Now, you can use all those things, depending on the type of article you’re writing. You can use pros and cons, you can rewrite the sentence, you can write short, you can write summary bullet points you can write. So yeah, that’s all you can do. Now, there is also a Community tab, right?

So where there are already pre-made templates that are created by community members, so you can use those. So I found a few templates to be very useful actually. Let’s use a conclusion generator. So you can see they’re talking about like the title is the title of your article, but you should, you will get 100% better output if you add the words write a conclusion for an article about. Let’s try it.

So let me just run the template as you can see, it has written a conclusion for me right, cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses crypto to secure transaction control. So there are other conclusions that you like, so if you like something, you can just copy-paste it and it will get pasted on the left-hand side. So that’s how the templates work right. So depending on how you do it, right, that covers almost all the features. Features Overview

We started with a SERP. So first, we created a document with our targeted keyword. Then we created an article outline. So we analyse all the content that is created by our competitors and we created an article with different types of headings that are relevant to our topic. And then we created a brief so it as given us a complete overview of the search results including stats including the topic clusters and all that stuff.

Now we started writing the articles and once we started writing articles, we created optimised, so we optimised the articles based on keywords. We use the keywords that are used by our competitors. So when we write the article, we use those keywords in our article and we optimize our articles.

We also included the questions so what are the questions asked by people on Reddit, Quora, etc. So use that. If you want, you can take the help of Wikipedia for reference. We also can take the help of an AI writer to write the content. Obviously, you cannot automate everything, where it is necessary you can do that, so that completes everything.

Now, there are a few features that are not discussed, like you can create custom templates, right? You can create your own model of, you know, AI model, where you can, we have to give some instructions. And like these people in the community sections, they have created these models of AI, right. So you can create those actually, have their own Crash Course. So you can definitely take a look at that. This is just an overview. Analytics

In the analytics section, I want to show you the final thing. In the analytics section, what it does is, it will help you, you can integrate your website. And with Google search engine, you can integrate with Google search console, and it will give you all the important data.

So let me show you. Now here I have integrated already, so I cannot show you how to integrate, you just have to click the button, give Google some permission with your Google Search Console. And it will integrate and it will show you all the data.

So as you can see, this is my blog And these are all the impressions that I’m getting over here. These are all the positions that these articles are ranking for. These are the clicks that I received for this. And this is the click-through ratio. And this status is very important.

So these are different statuses. What does quick win means, I wrote this article, and I got the position of like one to ten, I got in the top 10 Within three months. So I got the quick win, right? So these are all articles that have got a position within three months.

Rank means like they’re generating clicks, but they are not ranking for any position, right. So as you can see, the Capterra Giftcards article got 22 clicks. But again, this is not ranking, right. So this is why it’s ranked. So I don’t know why this rank name is there. But it is irrelevant. But yeah, this is what rank means.

Unranked means it has not generated any clicks and the position is also weak. So it’s not ranking on any position. So that means unranked. Now another thing is decay, It is also very important. So you can see how many pages are ranking. So nine pages rank, not ranked? Maybe they’re discussing this rank where I’m getting clicks but I’m not ranking.

How many clicks do I get and what is my average ranking position of mine? Right. So this is what the details are. Other details are like the different questions that I’m ranking for. Right? So people are asking for is YouGov Pulse safe? So I’m ranking for position 11 And I’m also getting clicks.

Topic clusters are also there, right. So suppose Uhrs is a topic, right? So in that topic, what are different queries. So I’ll just click on this particular Uhrs topic, and these are different queries that include Uhrs so you can see opportunities so here I’m getting impressions, but I’m getting fewer clicks. So as you can see the position is 10 to 15. But impressions are growing faster. So I need to optimize this article query. So I get more clicks.

So I have an opportunity here to rank right. So that is what I was talking about. Now, what is decay? Let me show you, decay is something that you have written some article about one year ago. And now it is declined, right? Its position has lost some positions. And it’s also not getting many views or clicks. So that is where you can see the decay. So if you see that decay that means you need to work on that article, you need to optimize that article. And yeah, it will start ranking right.

That completes our Review. Any questions? Comment Below.

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