Review- Find Professional Email Address In Seconds. is a complete B2B Lead Generation solution. With you can find professional email addresses in seconds. I found to be the most simplified lead generation tool.

They are appealing to the eye & you can get started without referring to any tutorial. Below is a complete review of & how you can find verified emails. Video Tutorial

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Intro to Lead Generation Tool

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So in this video, I’ll be reviewing a product called So with, you can find the email addresses of any person within a few minutes or seconds, we can also send mass email campaigns for free. So we will do a detailed review of this product. And now let’s go to my laptop screen and see how the product works.

Okay, so now we are on the dashboard of the website. So this is what the website looks like.

Pricing Plans

I will just quickly explain the pricing plans.

So in the free pricing plan, you can find 25 emails per month, you can verify if the email is valid or not for 50 emails. Also in the free plan, you can send mass emails to around 500 people per campaign. So you can send 500 mass emails to 500 people at one time. But you cannot track the link that is there. So there are fewer features in the free plan. But yes, you can get started with the free plan.

And there are other plans that you can see- Starter, Growth, Pro, Business; you get more emails, you can do more email verification, and you can send more mass emails to recipients. Domain Search

Now once you sign up, let me go to the dashboard of the So let me explain to you how the features work. So in a domain search, what you can do is, suppose I know the company’s website name, suppose is the website name of the company. So what I will do is I want to find all the emails that are associated with this domain.

So I just click on Search. As you can see, I got one email address associated with this domain. Sam Grizzle. And it also includes the source, now at what place on the internet it was able to find, so once I click on this link you can find that this email is associated here. So for Xevom, I was able to find the email over here.

So this is what domain search is. Suppose you have a company domain name, you want to find all the emails that are associated with it, you can find it right? Personal emails are those that are of the person, generic emails are like info,, etc.

So this is what the domain search feature was all about. So that’s how domain searches work. Email & Author Finder

Now in the Finder section, we will see, suppose you have a name of the person like Vaibhav Patil is my name. And you know, the company domain name, is the company domain that I work for. And I’ll just click on search. You can see it found the email associated with it. So you should know the name of the person and the company domain. So it will search the internet and get you the email.

This blue tick is that the email is verified & it is safe to send it will not bounce. You can save this in your CRM. Author finder, what is this? So suppose I am reading this article on HubSpot. And I want to find who wrote this article. So I’ll just copy this article link and I will come to And I will just paste this article link. So what I will be able to do is, the software will be able to find the author.

It is going to find the internet and it matches its terms. It will find the sources, multiple sources- it found these author names on multiple articles. So they suggested me this Email ID, right. So this is how the author works.

Email Verifier

Now, what is an email verifier? So suppose I want to verify I have an email And I want to verify this email is authentic or not like it will go or it will bounce when I send the mass email so I’ll just click on Verify. And you can see the email is valid and it is safe to send. But again if I put some invalid emails that are not valid I know. So it will verify the email and it will give me that the email is invalid.

That means it is not safe to send and it will bounce when I mass email the people right. So, this is how email verification work.

Bulk Verification

So now the next is bulk verification. So all the features that we did were done individually right a single email we verified, a single domain we found email address associated with it, a single name we found so, all that in the bulk means you can do that in the bulk right. So, suppose you want to find the domain, suppose you have a list of company domain names, for example, let me show you a sheet. So, I have a list of company domain names.

So, you can see in the website section, suppose I have this list and I want to find all the emails that are associated with this domain name, right. So, as you can see, these are the email associated with this domain name. So, I want to find these. So, what I will do is in the bulk, I will go to the click bulk option, and I will name the list.

I will type input like what you have, do you have a company name or domain name. So, even if you have a company name, suppose this is the company name, you can even use them or you can use the company domain. Either way, you can do that. And you can paste all this website over here or all the company names over here.

Or you can also download this sheet, keep the company name in the first column, download this sheet as a CSV file, and upload this over here. And in the filter section- maximum email addresses per domain. So, for each domain like, There are maybe multiple employees working in that right and multiple employees will be having multiple email addresses with that domain. So you don’t want all of them maybe you want only one email address per domain, you can do that.

Verify the number of the email addresses. So it is also using the verify the email so the software finds email addresses for you. But they are not 100% verified, most of them are verified, but some of them may bounce. So you can use the click Yes to verify all the emails. So all the emails that you get will be verified and will not bounce in your email campaign.

Obviously, this uses the credit, right? So be aware that it uses credit. So there are limited credits if you are a paid user, so make use of them wisely. Because there are some other free tools that are available like That offers free email verification, you can just find email addresses from the software and use to verify all those email addresses for free instead of using your credits over here.

And what type of emails do you want to find? generic emails are basically and But personal emails are those that are associated with the name of the person right. So depending on the department, there are multiple departments in an organization so if you know the name of the department, maybe I want you can choose from here right.

Sales department, I just want contact details of the sales department, you can do that, include the source that means it searches the internet, right, so it might find what the email address in certain article, blog or website. So it will also link you right. So as we saw just now the source, is right, so just click on Upload, and it will give you a list.

So similarly, you need to do all the same procedures you need to follow for email finding, email verification, author, basically, you go there you follow the instruction, suppose you want to find the email address of the person, so you have their first name and full name. And also their company name. So you can just create a sheet-like this, type in their first name, last name, and company name, and upload it over here as a CSV file and upload them and it will find all the email addresses for you.

So this is how you do it. For author finder again, you need to have all these different articles links you have and you need to find their email addresses then it will do it. Even verification again, you have a list of email addresses suppose I have a list of email addresses over here and I want to verify them just copy and paste over here or just upload the CSV file and it will do it for you.

So this is what the bulk email verification feature looks like. Leads

Now we are on our leads section, so consider leads as your CRM where you store all the leads that you find from and you use them to send mass emails later in the campaign section or you can also import some contact details from here. Import if you have some other contact list.

Now you can see on my dashboard that I have these three leads. I have all the details the company name, the position of the person, the website detail, industry. You can manage the columns from here if you don’t want all this detail, you can just remove these and you get limited details from here says update, and all this detail will get updated in real-time. So this is what it is. And in the section where you are seeing filters.

That means if you want to filter the people and if you want to filter company if you just want to find all the leads that are from a xevom company, so I’ll just type in xevom, I’ll just apply the filter. And you can see I’m only seeing the xevom company names here. So you can use different filters depending on your requirement, position, website & industry.

You can also connect, and save your list to your CRM. So depending on third-party CRM, you can use Pipedrive, HubSpot, etc. So that you can do. In the import leads, suppose you have leads that are in the other section like the one that I have like this is the leads that I have, I want to import it. So what I’ll do is just click on the Save as CSV option. I once had this lead saved, I’ll just go to the Under Import lead section.

I will create a new list- of property manager leads I will give the name. I’ll just import the sample leads section that I have downloaded and I will verify the email. So if you want to verify, obviously this is going to use your credit, so don’t use it. If you don’t want to lose your credits, on your paid account, you can import up to 1000 leads per file. So you can import up to 100k emails.

So I’ll just click on import. So as you can see, all my leads are imported. So I now just have to select what is email. So this is the email section. So I just give the direction that it is the email, It is the first name, It is the last name, company name. This is the company website. So I just select the website, you can do all this selection if you want. I will just start the import section and the import of leads is starting. So there are like 27 rows.

So as you can see the leads are now starting to get imported. So they have imported 25 leads from the property manager. So I will just go to the lead section now. And you can see all my leads are now got imported. You can see that all the leads are now imported. You can check the details if they are correct and if they’re aligned properly.

In the website section, there is a website, in the industry section, there is the industry. So this is how the lead section works. Email Campaigns

Now in the campaign section, what you do in the campaign section is basically send emails, right. So let me show you how you create a campaign. So there are basically a few things to remember.

In the Settings section, I will show you, In the Settings section sending windows so you want to send your email campaign and what day at what time you can select this here. If you want to have some delay between each email, you can select that and you can click save.

Email accounts are now in the free account. In the free account, you can only have one Gmail account from which you are going to send an email. But if you are using premium service, then you can have five Gmail accounts using it you can use them to send mass emails.

Unsubscribe, obviously after each at the end of your email, there will be a message that if the person does not want to gain new emails from you again, then there will be an unsubscribe button that he can click and choose to unsubscribe right. Now in the set template section what it is, so basically template is any email you send, you write a message right you write an email copy so that email copy is basically a template so you can save that to use it for the later email campaigns.

You don’t have to type the email again and again. That is what the email template looks like. So you can just create a new template, and write the subject line, I am selling B2B lead service. You can personalize the email right? the first name is customized. So, it will be personalized as per the name of the person. So Hi John. Hi, Maria, etc. It will change depending on the person.

So this is how you personalize the email. This is what the attribute works like so you can insert images, and insert links. So, in the free plan, you cannot insert images or links. So make sure you understand that and just create the template, right.

So your template is ready, you can use it, or you can browse the old email templates that they have to get an idea of how to make your email template. In unsubscription, like if any person clicks on the unsubscription link in your email. So you do not want to send the email again, because they choose to unsubscribe, and they don’t want to receive your email again.

In the activity section. You can see, if you send an email campaign and if they open it, as you can see, I send this email campaign to and I open it so I can see this message, I opened it one time. So this is how it is.

Now let me show you how to send an email campaign basically, so you just have to click on a new campaign. So once you click on the new campaign, you just have to select the template that we recently created, you can also send a test email, so check that all the email that you are sending is perfect and you are not making any mistake. You can also follow up.

So if you send this email, and if you want to follow up with them, after three days, then you can type in your message. So obviously if you don’t want a new email to go to them and just want to add that follow-up email to your original email. So just click on keep as it is so you can add as many followers as you can and you can also track open if someone opens your email, you can track them, you can track the links, but it is not available in the free plan.

Insert unsubscribing yes, that will get an unsubscribe link inserted into your email. So yeah, that’s how you send an email campaign.

Now in the next stage, once you are set up, click on Next. In the next thing, you have to add the email copy that you want to send. You can choose which people you want to send from the lead section that is already available in your Lead section or you want to Import CSV file or you have to manually add email addresses. So you can do that I’ll just manually add for it.

Or I will just show you from my lead section, you can see we have all these leads, I will just add all the 27 recipients. So I will send the email to all these people now. And I will just click on next. So this is what’s going to happen. So the first email that is going to go is this and the second email is going to go to this. So this is how you can track and just click on launch. And these are going to send the emails right. I’m not going to send it now. But yeah, this is how you send an email campaign.

I hope you got the method. So yeah, that’s how you send the email campaign. Now once you send the email campaign again, I already showed you that you will get all the notifications like if someone opens your email, someone clicks on the link inside your email, or you can check all this. So that’s how all things you can check over here. Chrome Extensions

Now one more thing that I would like to show you is that you can also install the hunter for sheet Chrome extension.

So how do you do that, basically there are two extensions one is the Hunter email finder extension and another is Hunter for sheets so Hunter email finder extension basically you go to any website suppose I will go to I have already installed this extension. So suppose I came on to this website I want to find the email address. I’ll just click on the extension and it is going to find an email address for it right.

So it found the email address It found the source. So this is how you can use this extension to find email addresses from any website, now talking about hunter for sheets. So how to install it. So first click on the install option.

Make sure you choose the account that is associated with your account. Otherwise, it will not install. So you have to give the permission necessary permission. So once you are done. So that’s it now this sheet extension works inside your Google Sheets, right.

So how to do that open any sheet you want & go to the extension section. And here you will see the extension of Right Hunter for sheet this is the extension, you can open it, and you can see this is the extension. And now the same feature it allows, but you can utilize this feature inside your Google Sheets.

Suppose I have a company domain & don’t have an email address from these people, right. So what I will do is I will just type in And I want to find the email address associated with this. So it will automatically create a new sheet as you can see, and it will also give me the email address associated with this domain. The last name, the email verification score, it will give, and the personal or generic emails it will give based on departments. So yeah, that’s how you do it.

In the bulk section. Again, you can find bulk domains or company names. So the same thing you have to do over here, you can find the email, and email addresses of the people based on their first name, last name, domain, and company name. So make sure it is important to have these added details inside your Google Sheet. So I already have it. As you can see, I have the first name, last name, and company name. So based on this will try to find the email addresses.

So you can do that. Verify again, you can verify all these emails that you have inside your Google Sheet. You can do that. So yeah, that’s how it is working. Make sure you link your API key. I already linked it. So it is not prompting me to link it. But if you have not linked, this is where you will find the API keys let me show you.

Go to the section go to the Account section. Here you can find the API key right, you can just copy this API key and it will ask you to link your API key and you can do that. So yeah.


This concludes our tutorial. If you have any doubts, feel free to comment down below and I will answer them. I have covered basically the entire product. Now if you have not subscribed to my channel, then please make sure to do that now. And if you want to become a member of my channel, go to my dashboard of the channel and click that join button. It will be a great support for me. So I’ll see you in my next video. Thanks for watching.

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