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SalesQL Video Tutorial

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I’ll be talking about a product called, with this tool, you can find email ids of any person on LinkedIn, you can also find your email ids of your LinkedIn first connection, you can export that data into Google Sheets. SalesQL is very cheap, as compared to other lead generation tools.

So this tutorial will be an Indepth analysis of the tool, how the tool works, and what are the pros and cons of it right. So now let’s go to the laptop screen and see how the product works. Okay, guys, so now we are on the website of So this is how the website looks like. They claim to be useful for two peoples. If you are salespeople, you will be able to find your target audience or customers, and if you are a recruiter, then you will be able to find the contact details of top candidates using various filters. And also you can find their phone numbers.

So let’s talk about pricing plan. So in the free plan, you get 100 credits per month. That means you can find 100 email ids for free of cost. You cannot find the phone numbers, but you will be able to find their email ids, right? You cannot export that data to the CSV file. You cannot integrate your app. You cannot take this list to other app like CRM. If you have any external CRM like HubSpot, you cannot transfer this data to other app. Right? You cannot add multiple users.

So all this data, all these things you get in the startup plan, you get like 1500 queries per month, and the credit increases as you go up. Right. I think Yeah, so that’s how it works. Now let’s talk about how you install it so that you can first create your account on it using your work email. So you cannot use your simple email id like You need a company domain like the one that we have here is a company domain, you need that, once you create an account you need to install their SalesQL extension.

So how to do that let me show you. So once you create the account and log inside, you will be able to see this, you’ll see the following dashboard. So now first your work is to the download the extension right? You can come over here and you can just download the extension, It is available for various browsers- Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge Firefox, Safari, etc.

If you are on chrome then you need to manually install it. If you have other browsers then you can install it directly from their stores. How do you install the Chrome extension manually? so basically what you do is you click on this manual extension, you download this extension, click on the download button, so once you download this button, just go to the folder in which the extension is downloaded.

So as you can see in the download section, this is the extension that is downloaded so what I will do is just Click on Extract all and it will start extracting as you can see this is the folder where the extension is, so what will now do is Okay, so once you have this folder, what you have to do is you need to come back to the Chrome and you need to click over here you need to go to the manage extensions.

So here what you need to do is click on Load unpacked so make sure that your developer mode is on otherwise you will not see this option. So click on this, select the folder that you downloaded. So this is the folder just click over here and load, okay so now you see the extension has been downloaded.

How do you use that so just Click over here you will see the extension, the extension. So as you click on this extension, it will prompt you to open your LinkedIn account, just click open your LinkedIn account.

It will take you to this section where you will see all your connections in the my network, you will see all your connections that are there. So you can download all your connections. So that is what they want to tell you like you can find all the email ids & you can download this data. So how you do that, all you have to do is go here and click on the extension again since your extension, so once you click on the extension.

so once you click on the extension, you will see that it has taken all this contact over here. And you just need to select also unit just need to select, like how many pages are there on this monitor, there are many results and I just fold it increases. So that 1198 connections, you can download all of them if you want depending on the credit that you have, if you’re using free account, you only have 100 credits, but if you’re a paid account, you can now so I’ll show you how you do that.

So first you do is like if you suppose you want to find email ID of this person, what I will do is select over here, click on the Add button. And it will start searching for the email id and phone number of the person. As you can see, I got the email ID of the person I can just copy paste or I can open this and see all other details like which industry the person is working in. What is about section what the experience of the person is.

This is my activity like why quality content we can what I can do is I can add the tags. So if you have any sales campaign and you need to add any tag, you can do that. So if you want me to be tagged or you can create a new tag, suppose XYZ tag suppose for example, right, let’s just create a tag name.

Yeah, so I added this per contact with to attack the extra depending on assigned to like if you have many team members, you can assign this contact like you are the person who is responsible finding the email id but the selling selling process is done by some other team member, you can just allocate assign this early, so he can reach out to them and sell your service, you can add any particular note you want. To find the phone number, we cannot do that, because the free client is not available. So yeah, that these are the things that you can do. Coming back here.

Now if you want to find multiple contact details, like suppose I want to find all this contact details, right. So what I’ll do is just select over here, and what I’ll do is click on this option, either I can add all these contact details in one go or I can click on this start button. And it will prompt me like as you can see had up to 400 contacts every month.

So LinkedIn is very strict in data spam, because you know, so you can only find 400 contacts if you are using normal LinkedIn account. But if you are having a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account or LinkedIn recruiter account that you can find 1000 contacts but 24 hours. So suppose I want to find like 20 contracts, blocks are nothing but the number of like pages you have. So each link will be has certain page rights, one base, second base, third base, so like that, in the contract section where we don’t have any pages, because it scrolls as you scroll in the contact notes.

You can type in that, you can also add a folder suppose you want to add this lead in a particular folder. Suppose I already have this b2b sales folder, but you can create your new folder if you just take an x y Zed folder to show you events, setting the colour so if you have any taggings if you have any tag already, you can do that or create a new tag and add that so I hope that is clear. So maybe I will add in XY sets. So that’s it.

So I’ll just going to click on continue and you can see added added so it will start finding all the contact details of the people who are here. So there are 20 contacts I chose to find you can find more. As you can see, you can find 400 contacts if you’re on normal LinkedIn account in 24 hours.

You can find 1000 Indian accounts contact details if you are having this as an aggregator recruiter account in 24 hours. So yeah, so let me get Please keep adding now. So let me just say as you can see, all our contact details are added. So now we can go back to the or go back and find more contact details if you want.

If you don’t want, that’s fine. You can also add from searches or add from list of URLs, suppose you will have LinkedIn profile URLs of the person. For example, let me show you suppose I have this. And this is my LinkedIn profile URL.

Is my LinkedIn profile URL. So if I want to find the contact details of this, so I can just click and you can see it found the LinkedIn contact page of my LinkedIn profile, including the email id other option I will like to show you if you want to add your first connection that we are seeing now, add from search results. So let me show you that. Suppose this is the so this is our normal LinkedIn search interface, where do you find the people suppose I want to find Java developers.

Maybe I want to find founders. Just click on founders. As you can see, I got all the founders data. And I’ll just just ignore this missus other thing that I also deserve all the data I want, right, you can use your filters if you want, if you just want to USA, you can do that, you can apply all the filters you can do all these filters and what you do now do is just click on the extension again.

So as you can see, the software was able to detect all the content data. So now all you need to do is now there are 100 pages. So it’s up to you you can get by using this option by just selecting these you can find all the contact details from the current page.

But if you want to find up to 100 pages or up to 400 Depending on the limit, so what you do is click on this select Start button start page should be at the one and in which you can keep it has like suppose three four to four showing like and you can also do not add context for the folder that already belong suppose you already found some context you added that into that folder, so it will not add. So it will not duplicate right.

So, just continue and you see the software will now start finding all the contact details.

so, yeah, I will just keep it from here. So, you got this. So, let us try other things. So, these are the three things spatial actions you can take right. Now, you can see you have 100 credits per month for three I use up to 5030 factories are used. And in the my context, if you click that it will take you to the dashboard.

so on the dashboard, you will be able to see all the contacts data that you found from LinkedIn. So you can see all the data that we found of the people. So from here you can just export these contact details if you want export you can do but in the free plan it is not available. So you need to upgrade.

You can also move to a particular folders migrate this b2b folder expand that folder depending on that right so you can do that you can also update their lead status. So what ugly status basically suppose this is the contact lead that I’m trying to sell. So this contact is at the particular pro the deal with this context.

So I will just select the lead state has gone right to this how you update the lead support this contact rejected. So I’ll just click last. So that will segmentation that’s how the segmentation works. You can also add different tags you can assign to your car to a team member so you can also edit the email id suppose you think that this is Let is incorrect and you want to correct it. So just click on Add mil and change it according to your requirement.

So you can do that. So yeah, that’s how we’re doing, you can also adjust these columns as per your requirement, and you can add the filters and depending on your requirement hiding is nothing, I just created a new way view where you can just create a new view view is nothing but this what you’re seeing on the screen, this is the sales view, you can add suppose you want to add new link new release certain views, so you can do that.

So what is his remaining here, in the Settings section, you can organise the columns. So what columns you are seeing is like profile company, male status, all those things. So if you don’t want all these other things, and only want particular things, you can do that you can organise the contact like that way it will display setting you just want to see their work email, you can do that you just want to see their personal email, you can do that.

So that’s how it works, right. So, one thing I did not find great is like the other columns, I was not able to navigate know how to do that. Okay, so this is how so, so, the developer needs to make this bright, right. So any person will not able to see that we can also move it right so you can see all the columns.

So this small, small things people do remember when making the software. This is how you can see all the columns you can see their educations, their past positions, where you created the contact, who created the contact, current position, the phone number, etc. So, that’s it. So that’s how the software works, I mean, so, let me just conclude the video now. So, that was our overall tutorial of cells QL. So, hope you liked the video.

So, what I like about this is it is very simple to use as you see which is able to download just the manually installation of Chrome extension was a bit tricky for new users, but otherwise the software is very easy, they also give free 100 credits, they should have allowed the extent of export option for three years right.

So we are not able to export all these 100 content that you found so it makes them useless basically because you cannot transport them and send your email campaigns to manually or to do it. So, that was a con but the simplicity of the software is great they are able to find the contact details.

Now let us know let me see that the accuracy of the contact detail is great. Let me see. So let us open a random email verification service that basically will verification tells us that this contact details is accurate or not or it will bounce so validating it will be able to test so let us check it live. So this software is great for checking with email verification so you can use it to verify emails. So suppose I want to verify this email id and see that if this is correct email id or it will bounce.

so just I’ll paste the email id over here and just click on verification. As you can see, it is safe to say that is the email that software found was great and correct. Let me just see another email id.

Again, this was great. So yeah, the accuracy is also the accuracy of the software is also great. So I hope you liked the video if you do then do subscribe my channel you can also become a member of my channel by going to the channel dashboard and clicking that join button. Does a great support to the channel as well as you will get excluded works only for you. I’ll see you in my next video. Thanks for watching.

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