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In this video I’ll be talking about a software called LeadIQ this software helps you to generate leads, so it helps you to find the contact details of key decision makers across various industries. So if you have any LinkedIn profile with you and you want to find their email id you can do that using this.

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If you have a person’s first and last name and their domain name, then you can find their email id and phone number etc using this tool allows you to see like if the students worth it, how their pricing structure is are they high how they are compared to other competitors and all this go to the laptop screen and see how the product works.

So, now, we are on the website of lead IQ. So, LeadIQ This is how the website looks like you so, you can see that you it is very easy to understand there is not there is no complexity. So, you can just get get started for free. So, you do get some free credits. Now, let us see the pricing plan.

So, how the pricing plans works. So, if you see the pricing plan what you get is in the free plan you can find 15 verified emails of the people who cannot find any mobile numbers you can capture seven leads to other sales platforms you can definitely integrate suppose you want to integrate this tool with HubSpot etc.

You can take your seven leads to their platforms in the pay starter plan you get 250 emails you can find you can find 250 25 mobile or mobile numbers of the people in the pro plan you can get 500 emails 50 mobile numbers and if you need more than you you can do to contact them and you will be discussing with them. So, yeah, that how it is so there is nothing like big thing.

So you just using this you need to find only the contact details there are no other other integration like you can sell email campaigns and other stuff or this tool can only be used to find emails, but you can integrate with other tools and do the email sequences and etc. So, now, to get started you need to instal this chrome extension lead IQ prospector So, this is very important because this you are going to find email ids of the people. So, once you do that, let me log into my dashboard.

so, once you create an account and instal the extension, so, this is how the dashboard of lead IQ will look like. So, this is on this dashboard what you’re seeing right now our leads. So, suppose you start now, one thing I would like to clear is I am not using a pro version, there are many features that are available only to the free pro people. And if you are just to start getting started then the tool is very limited and you will have limited options.

So but I will explain along the way that what you are going to get although I won’t be able to show you exactly what you get. So, so on the dashboard what you see is like suppose you find certain leads, suppose you find leads from United States and you find unit leads of United States and the industry of that company or the person is competent software or information technology.

So, you will get all the reports of your list over here you will get job titles suppose you are finding CEOs or founders of the company. So you will get all the data from off here and what are their seniority levels? What is the company size, depending on the employee, number of employees work on that.

So this is the dashboard looks like. Now let me show you how you find the leads right so some of you go to the LinkedIn account now. And suppose you want to find a sub This is my profile, right? So I want to find the email ID of this person. So what I would do is I will go and click on this lead extension that I just downloaded.

Once I click on this extension what this software will do is it will try finding the email id of The person who can see the other person, it finds all the information. Now you need to find the work image of this person, so I’ll just unlock
it so you can also find their work for mobile numbers personal email. So these are all in the pro version.

So I won’t be able to show you but yeah, you can find all this information. Now, let me show you all the other information that you get is the company industry, the person is working the website of the person, the address of the company, the NIC code, and other all the other details.

The software is now trying to find as you can see, it was able to find the email ID of the person. So you can see these are different categories verified, our base case, unverified, unverified, etc. So what are these? So when we show you? So as you can see, so what are these verified emails? So verified email is alike the software is 100% sure that the web’s email is verified, and you can send email so it will not bounce.

But I am the owner, I am the person who this profile is of me. And this email is off me. So I know that symbol is not valid, right? So yes, so that’s where the software needs to work more, right. So although there are new images, but I don’t have any immunity that exists with this name, our best guess is like the software tries to guess the email if it is, it might be correct or not, but you need to use external software.

So you can use It provides free verification service for you unlimited emails, you can verify it for free, so you can use that unverified. So this is not unverified. The software is cannot verify the email reported bounced means the software is some other user reported that this email has been bounced.

So it is not safe to save. So maybe I should report this like, it is not correct. So it will show like other user, if someone tries to find my email, they will know that this email is not correct. I can also give them a suggestion, right? And typing the correct thing, which I’m not going to do now.

So this is how it is working fine. You can find mobile phone you can find it premium. So you can also capture all these leads. So basically, what it does is it will say all these lead information, you can connect with other CRMs right, so let me show you.
Oh, you can connect your you can connect your the all the leads that you capture, you can transport them to other software like Salesforce CRM.

This is a soft sell saw sales, loft, outreach, HubSpot excetera. I won’t be showing you now because I want the free account. It’s not possible for me. But yeah, basically you find the email, you save them in some place, right? So you can do that. So that’s how you find the email of any person.

You can also do one thing like, suppose I am on a website, right? I own my own website, let me show you. I’m on this website of mine. And suppose this is the name of the person. I know, this is the name of the person and I want to find the variety. So I’ll just click on it.

And I will just right click on it and I will click on the Search lead by name. So Stan usually is the name. So the software will try to find a custom name right. So what you have to do is you need to type their domain name. So you should know that domain right? The company the home I know that the person walks into your I will type the name of the person Sam, I will type Sam is fine.

Just try to create it.

And the software will try to find the email id and other details related to the company. So this is basically a new company. So xeoma is no I work with Sam so I know that this is a new company so much features are not available in the software now. So that’s one thing. So basically, that’s how you do it.

You can also save your leads. Suppose these are the leads you want and you can do that. By the way the software works best for Sales Navigator. So if you have LinkedIn Sales Navigator, then this base basically LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool that you can use to filter different your leads with different filters.

So suppose you want to find someone from USA, New York working in the information technology industry, the title of the job should be founder and all that stuff, you can filter it out, customise. So you can see the software was able to find and I know that this email is real, because I work with Sam and you can see, although, okay, so you’ve made a mistake here, Sam and, Xian, the real email is Sam z at z

So yeah, and a software claim that is a verified income. So it’s not right. So this is like, this is how I review the software. So what is truth? This truth I don’t like right. So that’s how the software is working. And it also taking your credits right for it.

So and the credits are expensive. So that’s how you do it. Let me show you other things like on the dashboard I showed you right? What it is? On the Advanced Search, so what is this, so I’m not able to assess this now. But what I want search is basically you will get some company data because they already have certain leads into their system.

So you can use their filters like you want to find founders from USA working in information technology industry, you can use their custom filters and their software, you already have all those email ids, then you can use that.

So yeah, you need professional plans for that. In the upload section, what you can do is, if you have a list of leads, you can import them into the software. So lead IQ, obviously lead IQ has their own CRM, I guess, means you can do in the campaign section. Yeah, so that’s what I saying organised lead easily with campaign view and organise the same.

So what happens here is like suppose let me show you, this is the campaign and this is the lead that we saved the name, suppose I create a new list and XYZ, whatever the campaign name, XYZ, I will try, I will just type in create. So campaign name is created under this campaign name, I saved these leads. So one campaign can have multiple email ids, right.

So all this now I’m not able to show you because I’m not a premium user. But all those leads that you will be able to see or hear in the campaign section. So this is the inbuilt CRM of lead IQ in the team section. You can invite your team members, and yeah, so you can see your tracker premium carries standard credits, you can change the role of the person.

And you can also track the reports, etc. of your campaigns. In the university, again, there were some courses that you can take to learn more about the software, the different what is lead IQ, and you can check all this information about the software
you can do so.

Yeah, that’s about it. So simple software. Right. So let me review it. Now. Let me conclude it. So we saw lead IQ. Basically, personally speaking, I did not like the software because there are the software was confusing for me to begin with.

It’s half the plan, but the free plan is so limited that you can hardly do anything, maybe we will be able to find few email ids, but how does it compare to the other competitors like un Lucia so they are very much better than way better than the IQ. So that’s my conclusion right?

So they need to improve their product, they need to make it easy for the beginner they need to give more features to the free users to explore the tool. So, as you can see, I had no access to anything except few months I could find compared to others you have access to everything you can try the software if it is good, you can buy the leads the pricing structure, you can have so limited leads you can find right let me show you.

Let me check once the pricing structure of this so you can see, you can only do 50 emails for $60 You only get 500 emails for one $20 So that is a ripoff I would say so I if I was looking for lead generation tool, this would definitely not be my first choice. I would go to other things like I already have a video on my channel.

You can look at it. I would have Lucia on Many other so yeah that’s how it is so thanks for watching if you like this video if you need more honest view of the software and more useful videos to subscribe to my YouTube channel i’ll see you in my next video.

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