Hellopingpong Review: 40 Euros per hour for user interviews?

There are many testing websites but Ping Pong (HelloPingPong) as to be the one that is easy to navigate and work with.

Unlike Utest, where you need to complete their academy courses to start working, on Ping Pong you only need a decent laptop and an Internet connection.

In this blog, I will walk you through my Ping Pong (HelloPingpong) experience & how you can make some good money with this.

What is Hellopingpong?

PingPong is a platform that helps product owners and design teams to take feedback from users around the world.

It helps them to make improvements and changes before the product’s launch.

They have over 150k+ testers registered on their website (Both consumers & professionals).

Participants are selected from the pool of testers based on their location and work profile.

Selected participants are either called for:

1-to-1 video session  


To test certain products and give feedback


Share their experience on certain topic

A small demo of how the video session takes place (Source: hellopingpong.com)

How to Earn on Ping Pong (Hellopingpong)?

  • Signup on the Ping Pong website as a Tester
Hellopingpong Earn
  • Complete your profile details
Hellopingpong profile

Tip: Based on this data, the Ping Pong team will send you an invitation for a research study. Make sure your information is correct.

That’s it. Your registration is complete and you’ll get an email when a new study is available.

After a few days or weeks, you should receive an email invitation like this one:

PingPong Testing Invitation

The payment rate depends on the type of study you are participating in. Research studies meant for business professionals will pay more compared to studies meant for consumers.

Most of the sessions are done through video calls, but they are easy to participate in and friendly.

Ping Pong (Hellopingpong) Referral system

Ping Pong rewards you for sharing your referral link with friends.

For every person who joins using your link and completes at least one research study, They will pay you 5 Euros.

Here is my referral link 🙂

Can you make 40 Euros per hour on Ping Pong ?

Yes, there are users who have made this much. We have a Reddit user shb117 who achieved this.

This again does not mean that every research study will pay the same amount. Some research studies will pay a bit lower.

Things I liked about Ping Pong:

  • Slick User Interface (UI): The website is user friendly with no extra features that can be overwhelming for a new tester.
  • Good Payment: They pay you in Euros and the minimum pay is 10 € which is far better than other websites where you can earn as low as 1$.
  • Low barriers to entry: Generally, on testing websites you have to read documentation on how basic testing works. On Ping Pong, all you do is sign up, provide basic details and wait for paid invitations.

Things I did not liked:

  • Less Earning Opportunities: It is a general trend that people from Europe and the United States have more research studies. Also, Hellopingpong’s client base is not that wide when we compare it to other testing websites.
  • No Growth & Community: Testing websites like Utest present strong growth opportunities. I have friends who started working on Utest and were hired as a community engineer.

On Hellopingpong you will feel all on your own with no growth opportunities.

Ping Pong (Hellopingpong) Alternatives

Here is the list of websites that are similar to Hellopingpong


Ping Pong is a testing website used by designers to test their products for usability. It’s also a good earning opportunity for working professionals and consumers who want to test products and earn some side hustle money for their time.

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