How TrustRadius Paid me 300$+ for Reviews

In this blog post, I will walk you through how I got paid for writing reviews of software applications using TrustRadius.

TrustRadius team is always looking for software reviews. For each review, you will receive $25 to $50 in Amazon or Visa Giftcards.

What is TrustRadius?

TrustRadius provides software owners with a platform for publishing their apps. It helps them reach a larger audience who are looking for solutions.

Software buyers make the decision of purchasing the software by reading the online review shared by you.

While the software listing on TrustRadius is free of cost, they charge the vendors for promoting their applications to the users who have registered on their platform.

Here is a small graphic to simplify things

TrustRadius Review

Consider yourself a user of software who will be using TrustRadius for sharing his experience. (In exchange for a gift card or cash).

How you can get paid to write reviews

Step 1) Create an Account on TrustRadius (LinkedIn Recommended)

TrustRadius LinkedIn

Step 2) Complete your profile.

  • Make sure to add all the software applications you are using. (TrustRadius will invite you for paid software reviews)
TrustRadius Giftcard
  • Make sure to select special offers from TrustRadius ”Yes” in the Email preferences section.
TrustRadius Rewards

Step 3) Write your first unpaid review, publishing your first review will help the TrustRadius team verify your profile for authenticity.

TrustRadius Giftcard for review

That’s it. After a few days, you should receive an email from TrustRadius, requesting you to write a review for the gift card. (Like Below)

TrustRadius Invitation

Other ways to earn gift cards from TrustRadius

While the above steps are the standard way to get gift cards, you can directly start earning gift cards after completing your profile.

There are companies who are looking to get your reviews on TrustRadius in exchange for a gift card. Here’s is how you can find them.

Step 1) Go to and search for Keywords such as ”trustradius gift card” ”trustradius $25” or ”trustradius amazon gift card”

Step 2) Now scan through the results and find companies offering gift cards in exchange for reviews on TrustRadius.

  • Like the one, I found below from IBM.
TrustRadius Review Amazon Giftcard
  • You now have to click on them & write a review (Make sure you see the offer while writing the review otherwise this is not paid)
TrustRadius Review

Write a detailed review and you will get your gift card within 2 weeks.

My thoughts on TrustRadius & Payment proof

TrustRadius is a legit platform that pays for writing reviews. They are very strict when it comes to checking the quality of the review.

It takes anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes to write one review. Make sure you only review software that you use or at least try the free version.

Here is one review that I left and for that, I got a 50$ Visa Gift card from TrustRadius.

50$ Visa Giftcard

How much money can you make on TrustRadius

Well, It is not a platform for making money but you do get rewarded for writing honest software reviews.

They offer gift cards in the range of 25$ to 50$. If you use 5 to 10 software that they are looking for reviews, you can earn up to 300$.

It is a good side hustle money.

What type of Gift cards are paid by TrustRadius

They currently pay amazon and visa gift cards. You can use the Visa gift card for purchasing any item from e-commerce websites.

If you are not from the United States and want to trade the gift card for cash, you can check Reddit forums like Giftcard Exchange.

You can easily trade your gift card for a Paypal balance but make sure you only deal with experienced traders and beware of scammers.

TrustRadius Alternatives

All of the above websites offer gift cards for writing software reviews.


TrustRadius is a platform created for vendors and software owners. They are always looking for reviews on their platform in exchange for a gift card. I’ve shared step-by-step instructions on how you can use TrustRadius to earn up to 300$.

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